King Tut’s dagger was of extraterrestrial origin

The iron dagger - picture 1

Using non-invasive technology, metallurgists have determined King Tut’s dagger was forged from a meteorite. (photo Daniela Comelli)

While the Pyramids were most likely not built by aliens, there is one treasure from ancient Egypt that bears the hallmark of extraterrestrial origins. Scientists have determined that the knife discovered on King Tut’s body by archaeologist Howard Carter was forged from a meteorite.


The weapon, now on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, was described in 1925 by Howard Carter, who three years before had discovered the treasure-packed tomb, as “a highly ornamented gold dagger with crystal knob.”

Made of non-rusted, homogeneous metal, the finely manufactured blade features a decorated gold handle. It is completed by a gold sheath garnished with a floral lily motif on one side and with a feathers pattern on the other side, terminating with a jackal’s head.

The researchers, from two Italian Universities as well as the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, used non-invasive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometry to measure the ratios of trace minerals to determine that the knife’s iron came from a meteorite.

“Meteoric iron is clearly indicated by the presence of a high percentages of nickel,” main author Daniela Comelli, at the department of Physics of Milan Polytechnic, told Discovery News.

Indeed, iron meteorites are mostly made of iron and nickel, with minor quantities of cobalt, phosphorus , sulfur and carbon.

While artifacts produced with iron ore quarrying display 4 percent of nickel at most, the iron blade of King Tut’s dagger was found to contain nearly 11 percent of nickel.

Read the whole thing.

Meteorite-knives represent the pinnacle of Unobtanium for me. That doesn’t stop me from lusting after one of Bob Kramer’s meteorite knives like the one he made for Anthony Bourdain. There is also the one-of-a-kind “Big-Bang” knife from Cabot. While the blade is actually made from tungsten carbide, the scales are made from pieces of the same meteorite that is in fact forged into a pair of matched 1911 pistols. Dan had the chance to see this trio at the NRA Show and sent the picture below. I think I might have just had a visual knifegasm.


The knife’s scales are made from meteorite with a tungsten-carbide blade. The matched 1911’s are forged from that same meteorite.


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    so when we were camping and she said, “that’s meaty, awright” she meant she saw a shooting star?

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King Tut’s dagger was of extraterrestrial origin

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