Kitchen shears better than a knife? What say you?

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I love my Wusthof kitchen shears. Do you use this underrated tool?

There is a saying that the mark of another man’s genius is how much you agree with him. I found this brief piece a while back and saved the link for a slow news night.

Mark Frauenfelder at says “Kitchen shears are often better than a knife“. I agree wholeheartedly (“often” being the operative word), at least for a number of tasks. My Wusthof Classic set came with a pair of shears, and they have seen considerable use over the course of the past 12 years.

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The shears easily cut through 7-layers of corrugated.

From BoingBoing:

“I use my $10 kitchen shears to chop lettuce. I put lettuce in a salad bowl, stick in the shears, and make a bunch of random cuts until the volume of the lettuce drops to a reasonable level. I also use shears to cut pizzas, open plastic bags, cut chicken, open boxes, and lots of other stuff. They frequently go missing because my wife and kids take them to use in another room. There’s not much I can do about that other than gnash my teeth and curse the universe for allowing me to be born in such a world.”

My Wusthof shears are my go-to tool when it comes to breaking-down poultry. The blades disarticulate joints easily, and are powerful enough to shear through cartilage and some smaller bones. In fact, if I am facing a pile of chicken-wings that need to be sectioned, there is nothing better in my kitchen.


The shears come apart easily for cleaning.

The shears also come apart for cleaning, and are completely dishwasher safe. Despite more than a decade of heavy use, these shears continue to perform, despite never being sharpened a single time.

While mine came with the set my wife and I bought with a wedding gift-card, you can pick them up from Amazon for $20.

Do you have a pair of kitchen shears and are they a go-to tool for you in the kitchen?



  1. cmeat says:

    all scissors go into one drawer in the kitchen. said drawer is quite often completely devoid of any type of hinged tool.
    the large klein electrician shears are my go to because they live in my tool box and i can find them. sharp as the dickens, they’ll separate small critters quickly.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I have 4, 2 Henckels (1 plastic handled, 1 all metal), and 2 Farberwares (made in China, that don’t fit my fingers and thumb, one from a set my daughter gave me, and one that most likely my wife brought with her). Don’t use them very much.

  3. Robert Evans says:

    Back in the 1980’s I lived in Spain and regularly purchased rotisserie chickens from a hole-in-the-wall shop, the owner was an artist with poultry shears. It was a pleasure to watch him work – – he’d bring a rack over to the butcher’s table, slide off a chicken, and return the rack to the rotisserie. Then, picking up the shears, he’d go to work: first he’d slash the legs and wings away from the torso with the bottom edge, then snip them free. Then he would snip down the breastbone, dividing the torso into two breast pieces. The back would be discarded, but the legs, breasts and wings would be put into a foil tin – – he would go over to the base of the rotisserie and ladle drippings, hot fat and herbs into the tin, then back to the table to put on a cardboard cover and bag it. Delicious and cheap.

    1. AW1Ed says:

      Discard the back my eye. That’s where the oysters (chicken equivalent of the tenderloin) live, and doubtless went home with him. And the backs are a great start to Jewish penicillin, chicken soup.
      I use my shears to butterfly chickens all the time, and they are great for releasing meats from their cryovac bags, among other kitchen chores.

  4. janklow says:

    i do use my ancient pair of kitchen shears to cut all manner of things. amazingly useful tool.

  5. wGraves says:

    I have two pair of Shun shears. If I get tired of cutting chicken, I can always make the kids a glider cut from aircraft aluminum?

  6. Sam L. says:

    Instalanche ahead!
    Posted 8:00PM his time (Central, I think)

  7. Earl says:

    Mine are KitchenAid and I don’t know WHAT I did without them all those years!!

    Having a set in the kitchen, I was disgusted with every other pair in the house and now there’s a pair in the garage, and one by the table where I open mail and do other stuff of the sort.

    I even take them out in the garden to prune the tomatoes, cut the cucumbers and eggplant free, etc. etc. etc.

    Fabulous tool!!

  8. LyDnHy says:

    99-cent shears at Harbor Freight are a Best Buy.

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Kitchen shears better than a knife? What say you?

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