Knife attack in Birmingham (UK) Church wounds 3; not terror related


3 men were wounded in a knife-attack in a Birmingham (UK) church which police are reporting was motivated by personal reasons between the attacker and one of the victims, and is not terror related.


Around 150 people were packed inside the New Jerusalem Apostolic Church in Aston at 10.50am today when the man allegedly brandishing a “large kitchen knife” burst in.

Heroic ushers managed to restrain the knifeman in front of “distressed” churchgoers as he tried to launch an attack near the entrance before police and paramedics arrived.

The three men, named by the church as Karl George, Adam Brooks and Jorge George, were taken to hospital but their conditions are not thought to be life threatening, the Birmingham Mail reported.

Police said one man was stabbed in the neck and believe one of the victims was “targeted” by the knifeman. The other men were injured when they intervened.

In all honesty, it should have been a defensive gun use – but this is the UK we are talking about. Kudos to the intervening bystanders.


  1. Bob G. says:

    It’s sad to see the true cost of civilian — and police! — disarmament. When even self-defense with a cane can get you prosecuted, this is what happens. Kudos to the brave people who responded, but those injuries should not have occurred.

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Knife attack in Birmingham (UK) Church wounds 3; not terror related

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