Knife-attack in China leaves 18 injured; 2 dead

There has been a spree-stabbing in Southwest China, where a man attacked 20 people, killing 2. Chinese knife-attacks typically fall in one of two categories, Uighur separatist terrorism and mental-illness. This attack appears to be the latter.

From Fox News:

The suspect, identified as Chen Guangliang, 30, was detained following Sunday afternoon’s attack along a roadway in Guizhou province, according to a statement posted on a local government website.

Two of the 20 injured people taken to a hospital died, the Zhenning County public security bureau said. The remaining 18 were in stable condition as of Monday, authorities said.

Chen’s father told authorities that his son had a history of mental illness, according to the initial statement.

Prior to the attack, Chen attempted to set fire to a gas station, according to state broadcaster CCTV.



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Knife-attack in China leaves 18 injured; 2 dead

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