Knife-attack in China leaves 8 dead.

From South China Morning Post:

Eight people were killed in a violent attack in China’s restive region of Xinjiang on Tuesday, mainland media reported.

A news portal of the Hotan government reported on early Wednesday morning that three knife-wielding men attacked and stabbed multiple people in Pishan county. Police shot dead the three attackers.

Ten people were injured in the attack. Among them, five were certified dead after being sent to hospital.

Social order has been restored and an investigation is ongoing, the report said. The identity of the attackers were not disclosed.

Xinjiang Province has been the site of several knife attacks carried out by Uighur separatists including the 2015 attack on a colliery that left 50 dead.

As I said back then, I am of mixed opinion on the Uighur situation. Obviously I condemn terrorist attacks on innocents, but the Uighurs seem to have a bit of a legitimate beef.

The Chinese are essentially colonizing the region with majority Han peoples. The Uighurs claim that they are the victims of cultural genocide. On the other hand, the Uighurs are a Muslim ethnic group, and from 1933-1949 the region was the Islamic Republic of East Turkestan.

Like the Islamist independence movements in the Philippines, Thailand, and other places, the Uighurs have strong ties to the global Jihadi movement, and all of the baggage that that obviously entails. It isn’t like Islamists have shown much respect for minority rights when they wield the levers of power.

The world is a clusterf@ck. That is why I go fishing.


  1. cmeat says:

    plenty of disrespect, hate and greed. twas ever thus.
    no trout streams by me.
    i hope to be bouncing a ned rig by april.

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Knife-attack in China leaves 8 dead.

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