Knife attack on Japanese bullet-train kills 1; wounds 2

The normal clockwork-efficiency of the Japanese rail system was disrupted when a 22 year old passenger began a random stabbing attack on his fellow passengers.

From ABC News:

Police said they apprehended Ichiro Kojima, 22, after the train made an unscheduled stop late Saturday at Odawara station west of Tokyo following an emergency call that there was a knife-wielding man. The Nozomi train was heading to Osaka from Tokyo.Kojima was on top of a man lying unconscious on the floor of the isle with a knife stuck in his thigh when officers arrived, police said. The 38-year-old victim was also stabbed in the neck and was later pronounced dead.

Odawara police official Satoshi Oiye said the suspect admitted to police that he had attacked the passengers. Police are continuing to investigate his motives, Oiye said.

Japanese media reported that Kojima said he made the assaults because he was irritated and felt like attacking anyone.Oiye said investigators also found a machete believed to be belonging to the suspect at the stabbing scene, though it was not known how it was used.

The homogeneity of Japanese society has limited most attacks like this to be of the mental-health variety. This appears to be the case here as well.


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Knife attack on Japanese bullet-train kills 1; wounds 2

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