Knife Collection Contest Update And Maxpedition Mini-Review

‘Way back in April, we begged you to send in videos of your knife collections and win a $100 Knife Center gift card. In case we never mentioned, or in case you forgot, this video from reader Dave was the winner. He thought long and hard about his purchase, and I think all will agree that he chose wisely.

Dave’s contest loot bought him a Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II backpack and a membership in Knife Rights.

Here’s Dave’s quick take on the Pygmy Falcon II, which looks a hell of a lot more rugged than the no-name ‘operator pack’ I picked up cheap a while ago. Mine is just rugged enough to haul my Macbook, protein bars and free promotional swag around the massive floor of the SHOT Show each year.

Image courtesy Maxpedition

Click on the image to jump to the manufacturer’s link.

The Pygmy Falcon II holds 1400 cubic inches of your gear in numerous water-resistant and double-stitched compartments, all covered in MOLLE attachment webbing. It’s got contoured padded shoulder straps and self-repairing YKK zippers that my no-name bag lacks, and with any luck it’s big enough to hold most of Dave’s knife collection.

And good on Dave for spending some of his loot on a Knife Rights membership! They do the legislative heavy lifting that gives me so much good news to write about.


  1. Aharon says:

    Interesting video on the types of knives.

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Knife Collection Contest Update And Maxpedition Mini-Review

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