Knife Depot’s Adventures In Google-Fu__

googlefuFirst Google chanted ‘Don’t Be Evil.’ Then they helped build the Great Firewall Of China and handed over all your data to the NSA. Then they banned guns form Google Shopping results pages. And now one of the newest tool known to man is  turning its wrath against the oldest tools known to man. That’s right: knives.

The Knife Depot blog is certainly a competitor of ours, but Knife Depot is also a huge online knife retailer that all of us have done business with (or will soon.) And competitor or no, there are times when people of common sense have to stand together and this is one of them.

Knife Depot’s Daniel Lawton sets it all out right here.

Our customers use their knives everyday in a wide array of capacities.  Whether they’re hunters or fisherman, outdoorsman or collectors, their relationships with knives are built upon a love for craftsmanship, self-reliance and the outdoors.

It’s for that reason that we’ve become deeply dismayed by recent efforts by companies like Google and Facebook to label completely legal knives as weapons and to restrict their advertisement on the Internet

In March, I wrote about our battles with Google’s AdWords program, in which our entire account had been shut down due to the fact that we sold completely legal assisted-opening knives that were never prohibited in Google’s AdWords policy.

At the time, we didn’t expect to ever be able to advertise with Google again, however, we had our account re-activated in May with the caveat that none of our landing pages could have assisted-opening knives on them.

Then, just this month, our AdWords account was once again shut down without any advanced notice. We were informed that Google considered “throwing knives” to be weapons and we could not run any ads to those pages.

WTF? Jump over to the Knife Depot Blog for the rest of the story. The takeaway is that Google and Facebook suck, although you probably already knew that.


  1. Aharon says:

    “Google considered…”

    One can only imagine the types of personalities of the consultants or employees making such sub-categorical specific decisions for the huge Internet search engine that covers every subject. You’ve heard the USG’s line about certain big corporations being “too big too fail” therefore rationalizing a US taxpayer bailout? Well then search giant google is too big and influential to subjectively discriminate against any legal websites, products, and services that it doesn’t want for its PC nanny-police state business model.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Google does NOT comply with its motto “Don’t Be Evil”. Untrustworthy, Google is.

  3. NavyRetGold says:

    Google does not give a damn what you think. Just like all the other socialist left-wingers they are convinced that they can think better for you than you can think for yourself. And you should just accept that and shut up and do what you are told.. Bing is hardly better. Facebook is considerably worse. I say F!!! all of them.

    Try the DuckDuckGo search engine. No BS, no tracking..

    1. A. Nuran says:

      “Socialist left wingers”? Puh-leaze. They are the fattest corporate fat cats. They do what they want, how they want to maximize revenue. Since you aren’t their customer they don’t give a damn about you. That includes selling you out to the government in exchange for keeping the regulators off their backs.

      For those of you who never did pass civics class that’s Capitalism.

      1. NavyRetGold says:

        Sorry if I stepped on your lefty toes a little bit.. that was not my intent. I would also point out that Warren Buffett is the fattest corporate fat cat of them all and he is about as far left and as deep in the Obama camp as any of you guys, so what is the point? I certainly agree with you that Google or any of the corporate robber barons would sell you out without a thought if it meant even a fraction of a cent in profit for them. Lying, backstabbing, fraud, con games… its all just part of their business to them and they don’t see anything wrong with it. No better or worse than the Obama administration (most on here would agree that he is a “socialist left-winger”). Its capitalism with a socialist government gun to its head..

  4. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Further into the story, we find Guugle allowing Walmart,
    BassProShop, and other large retailers to sell assisted knives
    on Guugle ads, but ban them for Knife Depot. Hypocrites!

    1. A. Nuran says:

      Welcome to the Untrammeled Free Market. Knife Depot isn’t worth money to them, so they don’t care if Knife Depot bitches and moans a little. WalMart and Bass ProShop means real money, so they get what they want.

  5. Bob Damon says:

    Coke, Pepsi, Doritos, McDonalds, all the fast food is more dangerous to you than a throwing knife. Google isn’t banning that stuff.
    Chances of dying from a heart attack? Pretty good. Chance of dying from a throwing knife? About as likely as seeing more Supermodel links. Or getting that Nigerian fortune promised in that email.

    1. Duncan Idaho says:

      Wait, you mean that never went through? I gave them my bank account information!

      Odd. I think I still see ads for various bows that I’ve been drooling over. What does Almighty Google think of bows, I wonder?

  6. Samira says:

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Knife Depot’s Adventures In Google-Fu__

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