Knife Intifada Continues: Palestinian Militants release “How to Stab Jews” Video.


Screen-grab from Jerusalem Post. Hamas-affiliated militants release “How to Stab” instructional video. (Click link below to see video)

Another day, another extreme example of Palestinian knife misuse. Hamas affiliated militants have released an instructional video, “How to Stab” in an effort to recruit more gullible psychopaths to go out and stab Jews.  (Click to see video from Jerusalem Post).


On one hand, the video is not much different from countless YouTube Videos. Entering “How to Stab” in the search box returns 116,000 videos. In fact, there is a series of videos from former IDF Krav Maga instructor Boaz Aviram, (who could certainly be described as an Israeli-affiliated instructor, though he no longer serves in an active capacity):

One might say that there is a rough equivalence between the two. They are both attempting to teach effective, efficient, stabbing techniques. In fact, Mr. Aviram taught Krav to recruits who would be deployed in operations against the Palestinians.

The IDF and Mossad have a history of assassinations, most notably Operation Wrath of God, the assassinations of the Munich Olympic killers. These incidentally were largely carried out not with knives but with suppressed .22 Berettas, though as is the case in any killing the tool is unimportant.

Is there a moral equivalence between Hamas and the IDF?

It is my stated position that there is no equivalence at all. I have made no secret of my support for the State of Israel, most specifically in my “Kraken Goes to War” piece. I do not believe that Israel is a completely an innocent party in all regards anymore than America is. The world is a dirty place when people are committed to your destruction.

I am more critical of the US drone program’s wanton disregard for collateral civilian damage than I am of the actions of the Israelis. In fact Slate, which is hardly a right-wing media operation, published a piece “The Gaza Rules: Israel, unlike Hamas, isn’t trying to kill civilians. It’s taking pains to spare them.” In it author William Saletan writes:

“The last time Israel targeted buildings in Gaza, a year and a half ago, it used leaflets and phone calls to warn residents to get out beforehand. It also fired flares or low-impact mortars (known as a “knock on the roof”) to signal impending strikes. Human rights groups didn’t accept these measures as protection from legal responsibility, but they did hail them as progress. Israel claims to be applying the same measurestoday. Hamas and other Palestinian sources confirm that the Israeli military hasissued phone warnings to families in the targeted homes.”

There is no moral equivalence between the Munich murderers being assassinated or a civilian dying after being used as a human shield, versus those killed in deliberate attacks on civilians. It doesn’t matter if the tool used is a suicide vest, a rocket, or even a knife.

The people of Israel: Jew, Christian, Druze, and even those Muslims who wish to live in a peaceful, pluralistic society are on the moral high ground. The overwhelming majority of Israelis wish to live in peace, but they do not have a reliable partner. There is no reasoning with a people who will use cartoon characters to teach hate and glorify slaughter.



  1. David says:

    Farfour got taken out by Mossad awhile back so he is now “Shaheed”. And I am not making that up.

    Also, Israel has seriously debated whether to make those “Hey get out we are about to lob missiles in your direction” phone calls as frequently Palestinians will purposely gather others to the spot so as to increase civilian casualties.

    For all its faults (like spying on the U.S.A.) Israel is a “real” country. While it does not always go well or the way one wants they can be reasoned with. Who are you going to put in charge in Palestine? Fatah? Hamas? Seriously?

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Knife Intifada Continues: Palestinian Militants release “How to Stab Jews” Video.

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