Knife Jihad in France? Jewish teacher stabbed by “ISIS supporters” in Marseille


French Police patrol in the city of Marseille

Has the knife intifada made the jump to France? Possibly, as a Jewish professor was attacked this morning by 3 men in the southern French town of Marseille.


A Jewish teacher has reportedly been stabbed in Marseille by three people claiming to be ISIS supporters.

The incident has sparked fears of a fresh wave of terrorist assaults across France.

The suspects, who were reportedly wearing ISIS badges, made anti-semitic comments before stabbing the teacher. They are believed to have asked the teacher if they were Jewish before stabbing them.

The attack took place at the Yavne cultural centre in the north of the city, which doubles up as a school and synagogue.

The man, who was wearing a kippah, was targeted as he was leaving the building.


Local prosecutor Brice Robin said: “The professor was accosted in the street by three men riding scooters around 7.50pm.

“One of them wore a t-shirt with an Isis logo on it. Another showed him a picture of Mohamed Merah on a mobile phone.

“The three men then insulted, menaced and then stabbed the victim in the arm and the leg. They were disturbed by the arrival of a car and then fled.”

If this crime is ever solved (doubtful), it will be interested to see if the attackers were a part of an organized ISIS cell. If not, if they were simply picking up inspiration from the IS media campaign like the UC Merced stabber, who carried a printed IS flag in his pocket.


  1. Spencer says:

    France is to me a special, even magical, country to visit. Great culinary treats, fabulous historic towns, bucolic countrysides, exceptional mass transit, very livable cities and polite, hospitable citizens who take pride in their appearance and nation. Arguably it’s their charming hospitality that has landed the French in their current perilous domestic emergency with Islamic State. The French have, in my view, been way too careless and trusting about opening their borders to people who openly hate them and froth at the mouth when planning to engage in domestic terror attacks.

    Despite the horrific jihadist attacks earlier this week in Paris, French president Hollande announced that his country will accept many thousands more Syrian “refugees.” It’s not clear if this is cognitive dissonance or mere political pandering to certain influential groups, but it doesn’t take a Nobel Prize-winning political scientist to predict additional terrorist disasters in the near future.

    Apparently jihadist activities in France will have to get much worse before that country realizes it cannot continue to “embrace multiculturalism” and host vicious and extremely dangerous parasites from the Middle East. America appears to suffer from the same psychosis and also may have to suffer a number of Islamic State attacks before it wises up to the harsh realities of the modern world.

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Knife Jihad in France? Jewish teacher stabbed by “ISIS supporters” in Marseille

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