Knife Madness 2017: Helle vs. CONDOR



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Yesterday’s Kershaw vs. CRKT matchup (won by Kershaw) was a somewhat natural pairing- American companies producing knives in Asia for sale in the American mass market. Not so much today where the random seeding and first round victories gives us a matchup between Norwegian powerhouse Helle and South American toolmaker CONDOR.


Helle, a Norwegian company, reached Round 2 by knocking off Svord, a company that it turns out is not Scandinavian, rather from New Zealand. You can read our profiles of both companies at that link, or enjoy the videos if you are so inclined.



Joe Flowers, CONDOR designer and proprietor of Bushcraft Global, made sure that their contest made the rounds on social media. The CONDOR fans rallied, leading them to victory over Swiss heavyweight Victorinox whose fans did not show up – depite my plugging the contest on a couple of SAK collectors pages on Facebook.


Tomorrow we conclude Round 2 with a showdown between Morakniv and Boker for the last spot in the Elite 8.

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  1. Cubbie says:

    Rather a toss up but I like what Helle does with their wood handles. Granted, it’d make me less likely to use them compared to Condor, but Helle gets my vote.

  2. Willie Pfisterbottom says:


  3. Arctodus says:


  4. Cadeyrn says:


  5. Sam L. says:

    I’m still going with Condor.

  6. Peter Kennedy says:


  7. stuartb says:

    Helle yeah!

  8. Chase M. says:


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Knife Madness 2017: Helle vs. CONDOR

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