Knife Madness Elite 8 game 2: Kershaw vs. Al Mar


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I want to start by congratulating KA-BAR for grabbing the first slot TTAK’s Knife Madness Final 4 yesterday, with their victory over Buck Knives. They will face off against the winner of Monday’s Hogue/Zero Tolerance matchup. Due to the active social media participation of designers Allen Elishewitz and Les George respectively in their previous contests, this should be a high scoring affair.

Today we have the last regional battle in the Import East division between Kershaw and Al Mar.

A quick formatting reminder: Round 1 matchups included in-depth company profiles and history. Round 2 was heavy on the video content. The hyperlinks will take you to those respective matches. Today’s match features “Best of Instagram” knife porn images from both official accounts and hashtagged images.



Kershaw reached the Elite 8 with a victory over Coast in Round 1, and CRKT in round 2.  The Round 3 images below are from Kershaw’s official Instagram, and #KershawKnives

Closeup of the pivot on the #3450spline

A post shared by Kershaw (@kershawknives) on



Al Mar:

Al Mar knocked off  WE Knives in Round 1 and Cold Steel in Round 2. I was somewhat surprised by Al Mar’s only having 1 post on their Instagram, their knives are known being extremely attractive in addition to highly functional. So here is there one and only picture, the rest are #almarknives

When at BLADE Show…

A post shared by ALMARKNIVES (@almarknives) on

@Regrann from @billybobbilly999 – #Almar #almar knife #almarknives #daggerweek

A post shared by Pit (@gecko1964) on

Super simple carry: #MBI HF-R; #almarknives Falcon; and @tactileturn Shaker. #edc #minimalist #dailycarry #pocketdump

A post shared by Anthony Sculimbrene (@everydaycommentary) on


A post shared by Ken Low (@kamporl) on


I hope you have enjoyed the format for Round 3. I have been trying to mix it up and keep it interesting. I am not sure yet what to do for the 2 Final Four matches and Championship game. I am open to ideas.

You can view all of our Knife Madness content here.

Have a great Sunday folks.



  1. DENNIS O'BRIEN says:


  2. Cubbie says:

    Kershaw. GNW FTW!

  3. Sam L. says:

    Al Mar.

  4. stuartb says:


  5. WilliePfisterbottom says:

    Special Forces personnel would prefer Al Mar. I vote AL Mar

  6. Peter Kennedy says:


  7. Jodi Smith says:


  8. cmeat says:

    kershaw, for the non asian choices.

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Knife Madness Elite 8 game 2: Kershaw vs. Al Mar

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