Knife Madness Elite 8 game 4: Morakniv vs. CONDOR


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Greetings and Salutations. Today is our final head-to-head matchup in the 2017 TTAK Knife Madness Tournament. The winner grabs the last spot in the Final 4, which will be run slightly differently than the previous matches. I will write more about that in a moment.

Yesterdays match was a barn-burner, as we predicted. What we didn’t predict was just how big it would be. After dominating the first half of the day thanks to shares by Allen Elishewitz and Hogue Inc., Hogue’s lead seemed insurmountable. However, beginning at around 6pm ZT made an unbelievable surge on Facebook, though I am not sure whose share it was that brought so much exposure. I could not find a share on ZT’s official page, though designer Les George had shared the post earlier. While there will be some votes to add to the final tally, it looks like ZT is going to win by an astronomical score of 500-250. Hogue owned the comment votes on the blog with close to 100 comments to ZT’s 25 or so, but at 11:30pm EDT ZT had more than 470 Facebook likes to Hogue’s 170.

After beating Spyderco and TOPS, Cinderella’s slipper finally was shattered by the social-media following of ZT. Hogue’s final score would have won any other match in the tournament. Kudos for a tremendous showing, and thank you to Allen, and to the members of the Hogue family who helped make this such an exciting contest with their participation.


As I mentioned, we are going to do things a bit differently for our Final Four. Instead of Head to Head matchups, we are going to pool the 4 finalists, and have two days of voting. If things shake out how they are looking like they will, I will have a statement from representatives of each of the finalists, explaining why they deserve to be crowned the champion.

I also would love it if our readers would submit testimonials of their experiences with the companies in question, so if you wish to give us a couple of lines that you don’t mind being included in the post, please email us at If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know that in your email.

I will write more about this as the details congeal, but I wanted to give everyone a head’s up and start soliciting your participation now.

With that out of the way, here is today’s final head-to-head matchup.



Mora beat Lionsteel in Round 1 and Boker in Round 2. You can see the company profile and videos from those matches at the links. Today’s knife-porn comes from the Morakniv official Instagram and #morakniv. Enjoy.

At #oldfloridaknifecompany we're kind of in love with the #morakniv! We have put them to the test and they are unbeatable for the price!

A post shared by Knives and Outdoor Gear (@oldfloridaknifecompany) on


And finally, one of mine:

@sobtactical Love 'em! #SOBcombatbands. I missed you at BLADE buddy. #knifegear #tools #freedom

A post shared by The Truth About Knives (@knifetruth) on



CONDOR’s road to the Elite 8 saw victories over Victorinox in Round 1, and Helle in Round 2. Click the links to view those contests, or scroll below to see some of the best pics from the Official CONDOR Instagram or #condortk.

Love this @condortk #condorfidelis#condortk#condor#fidelis

A post shared by @far.b3yond on


That’s it for the Elite 8. Thank you everyone for helping make this tournament a success. See you in the Final 4.

You can see all of our Knife Madness content here.



  1. stuartb says:

    Morakniv – plastic fantastic

  2. Cubbie says:

    Morakniv for me.

  3. Peter says:


  4. Cadeyrn says:


  5. Jon says:

    Morakniv. Knives that follow the “Keep it simple, stupid” philosophy and are priced so that you could buy one for yourself and two friends and still be out less cash than if you bought something fancy from one of the big knife brands.

  6. Jason Julian says:

    This right here is the hardest match up for me. Man…

    Morakniv. Gotta stick with them. Condor does great tools greatly, but again… legendary status and cult following, combined with unbeatable value and versatility earn Morakniv the top spot for me.

  7. David says:


    (Can’t believe their getting beat by a plastic handled knife)

    1. Jason Julian says:

      Not all of their handles are plastic… the Mora # 1, 2, 2/0 etc… all birch handles. Laminated steel, Sandvik stainless, high carbon… more options for blade steel with Mora. They also make insanely great kitchen knives, craftsman’s knives, chisels, hook knives, etc.

      Condor are great, but really they’re limited to field knives and machetes. Plus, until recently, they used the same machete steel for everything; not always the best choice.

    2. Lol. The best plastic handled knife though 🙂

  8. Arctodus says:


  9. Eric says:


  10. cmeat says:

    i don’t always scandi, but when i do, i wield mora.

  11. Jason Jared says:

    Mora gets my vote.

  12. Mikie Zinfandel says:

    Condor get my vote

  13. Johnny says:

    Condor all the way every day!!!!

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Knife Madness Elite 8 game 4: Morakniv vs. CONDOR

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