Knife Madness Elite 8: KA-BAR vs Buck


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It’s Elite 8 time knife fans. Today we bring you two American powerhouse companies from the Legacy division. KA-BAR and Buck. In Round 1 we brought you in-depth company profiles. In Round 2 we posted a selection of videos, reviews, company history, SHOT/BLADE Show floor visits, and that sort of thing.

Round 3 is going to bring you the “Best of Instagram”. Just some good, old-fashioned knife-porn from the two featured companies.

Yesterday’s match was incredibly close with Böker grabbing the last Elite 8 spot 17-13 over Morakniv. I must say I was a little surprised by this one.


KA-BAR reached the Elite 8 with victories over Utica Cutlery, and Case. Click the links for Round 1 and 2 content respectively.

Here are some of the best KA-BAR images I found on both KA-BAR’s instagram page, as well as the hashtag #kabar.

#kabar #knife #usmc #sharp #slick #survival #fightingknife

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Buck Knives:

Buck reached round 3 by defeating Schrade and Great Eastern Cutlery.

As above, the images are from Buck Knives official Instagram, and from #buckknives.

#BuckKnives #EdgeOfALegend #knives #knife #customknives #hunting #huntingknives #survivalknives

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#buckknives #buck119 #buck124 #blade #knives #buckknives119 #buckknives124

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/2017 #forest #outdoor #trekking #wood # #tree #nature #buck #buckknives #knife #equipment #survival

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You can view all of our 2017 Knife Madness posts here.

You can view the most recent brackets at last night’s post. Just add Böker as the winner in their contest with Morakniv, and scheduled to face off with CONDOR in the Elite 8.



  1. Cubbie says:


  2. Peter says:

    Buck by another skosh.

  3. Arctodus says:

    Semper Fi

  4. Jon says:

    My votes for Buck, but those aged leather-handled KaBars are so damn sexy.

  5. WilliePfisterbottom says:

    All Ka-Bar Dog Head’s were made by Canal Street Cutlery. I vote Buck. The new Remington maker. Ka-Bar’s Marine knife needs a spear -type point, yet they never seem to wanna change to it.

  6. Cadeyrn says:


  7. Daniel Peace says:

    BUCK 120 DESTROYS THE KABAR thats why folks only compare it to the Buck 119 because the 120 General and even the 124 will both rock the Kabar.

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Knife Madness Elite 8: KA-BAR vs Buck

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