Knife Madness Round 2: Kershaw vs. CRKT



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Call this one the battle of the consumer-friendly heavyweights. Both companies have most of their offerings in the sub-$200 range, with some of the higher-quality budget-priced import blades. It should be a fairly interesting contest.


Kershaw “Coasted” to the Sweet 16 by defeating Coast 17-1.  You can see their company profile from Round 1 at that link.



Columbia River Knife and Tool, or CRKT as they are more commonly known, defeated SOG 17-6 in their opening round matchup.


Yesterday’s contest was a quiet one, especially compared to the previous day’s Hogue vs. TOPS slugfest. Al Mar defeated Cold Steel by a score of 28-21

after today’s contest, there are just 2 more matches left until we have our Elite 8 in place.

USA- Legacy:  KA-BAR vs. Buck

USA- Modern: Zero Tolerance vs. Hogue

Import -East: Al Mar vs. (Kershaw/CRKT)

Import- West: (Mora/Boker) vs. (Helle/CONDOR)

Thank you for sticking with us as we count down to the Final Four.

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  1. Jodi Smith says:


  2. DENNIS O'BRIEN says:


  3. Cubbie says:

    Kershaw again!

  4. cmeat says:

    i buy and use crkt for edc. they are all made off shore.
    kershaw has great stuff made here. they get my vote for the leek alone.

  5. Sam L. says:

    I don’t have any CRKTs; I do have a handful of Kershaws. So Kershaw.
    Have to look for a CR, though.

  6. Cadeyrn says:

    Very tough round. Kershaw has had good knives and good variety for years and I’ve owned and used several over time. CRKT is constantly innovating and has a number of great designs.

    I find I keep my CRKTs closer to hand and use them more often, so my vote = CRKT by a smidge.

  7. Jon says:

    Comparing imported products alone, CRKT. CRKT’s imported products are more consistent. Kershaw makes some decent stuff in China, but they also flood the market with a bunch of junk every year.

  8. Peter Kennedy says:

    Kershaw by a skosh.

  9. stuartb says:

    Kershaw – a firm that names their products after vegetables

  10. StickFighter says:


  11. Allen Elishewitz says:


  12. Arctodus says:


    I have a CRKT Neck Peck that I’ve carried over 15 years. Every Kershaw knife I’ve ever owned fell apart or broke.

  13. Willie Pfisterbottom says:

    Kershaw’s gone down hill. They don’t use Japan anymore. Plus they signed a deal-with-the-devil w Strider.

    CRKT all the way

  14. Ed says:

    Kershaw…had same one for almost 7 years and it’s still amazing for the 40 bucks it cost.

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Knife Madness Round 2: Kershaw vs. CRKT

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