Knife Magazine Sneak Peek: August 2017 Edition

Mark Zalesky is notable for many things, among them publishing a profitable “dead-tree” publication in a niche market – Knife Magazine. He is also a notable collector, being the one who sold Ethan Becker one of two original Kephart knives earlier this year. His knowledge of knives and knife history is astronomical, and his magazine reflects this passion. The photography and content is top-notch.

I know several custom makers who are subscribers, and I would be happy to be one myself if Mark ever stops giving me the latest copy when he attends the “Ethan Becker Church Meetings” – a weekly lunch gathering of Knoxville area knife people. It is through these lunches I have gotten to know Mark.

Knife Magazine is exclusively a print publication. You can subscribe to Knife Magazine through the Knife World Website, but there is no content online at all. Mark and I have been exploring avenues where our two publications can help each other out, and the first step is what you see here today.

Each month Mark is going to send me an advanced copy of the cover and table of contents and I am going to share it with you. Hopefully in a couple of months we can include an article reprint from a previous month’s issue. We will see what other opportunities this collaboration produces.

Knife Magazine is the successor publication of Knife World. Knife World was published from 1975-2015. Mark worked for, and later acquired that publication, which he relaunched as Knife Magazine in 2015. This piece looks back on 25 years of Knife World on its Silver Anniversary.



  1. WilliePfisterbottom says:

    Fuckin’-A! Thank you for this. I’ll sign up ASAP

  2. Jan Billeb says:

    Mark is an awesome supporter of the American Knife & Tool Institute, allowing us a column in Knife Magazine to provide valuable knife law information with his readers. The September issue will focus on Michigan where we were able to just get a repeal on automatics (not effective until Oct. 10th).

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Knife Magazine Sneak Peek: August 2017 Edition

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