Knife misuse of the day: Kasich uses silverware to eat pizza in NY


Kasich eats his pizza with a fork and knife in NYC. Major faux pas.

So does The Donald and Mayor DerpBlasio apparently. This should disqualify them all for the Presidency (in case you were looking for a reason). It seems New York doesn’t like knives for pizza any more than they do for EDC.

From DailyMailUK:

John Kasich strolled into a New York pizzeria this week and committed one of the greatest cardinal sins in the state: Taking a bite of a slice – with a fork and knife.

The 63-year-old Ohio governor was at a campaign stop at Gino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Queens on Wednesday when he reached for the silverware to dig into the cheesy delight.

But after his first bite it seems the Republican presidential candidate realized the error of his ways – or at least remembered Bill de Blasio – and quickly switched to his hands.

This is painful…of course The Donald also likes his steak well-done. That to me is the much greater offense than silverware for pizza.

Yes. I know this was a frivolous post. It has been a crazy week. I have my first guide trip of the year on Saturday, and I have been sorting gear and hitting the tying-vise pretty hard the last several nights. My fly-boxes were in sad shape and I need to get them back up to par for the season.

As an aside, Saturday’s trip is the first I am guiding for someone who discovered me via TTAK. I don’t believe he has ever commented, but I think it is cool nonetheless. If any of our readers happen to find themselves in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, look me up. I will give you $25 off of a trip. You can find out more at Smoky Mountain Gillies.


  1. Robert Evans says:

    Back when I ate in Pizza Hut restaurants regularly I’d use knife and fork when eating a pan pizza, because it allowed me to eat the pizza while it was still hot out of the oven, and also because it didn’t get my hands covered with oil from the pizza crust.

    Fuck New York.

  2. HandyDan says:

    Why do people care how others eat their pizza? It tastes the same. People really spend way too much time worrying what other people are doing, and not enough time reflecting on how it frankly doesn’t matter.

  3. Nail nick says:

    He never used a knife , just a fork . Perhaps start a truth about forks page…..

    Pizza Hut ? I’d use a knife there, on my wrists !

    Think of it like this using a fork to eat pizza in NYC, would be like a New Yorker wearing shoes in a restaurant down south, people are going to look at you funny.

    1. I know the picture isn’t holding the knife, but I am even more baffled if he went after it with just a fork. Then again. the knife is in a weird position to have been used.

      Take it easy folks. This was a frivolous post. I said as much. It has been a crazy week and this was an opportunity to post something light that wasn’t mayhem and beheadings.

  4. Sam L. says:

    Hmmmmm. Today’s date……..

    1. http://www./ says:

      Please! How much longer does this "diversity" and "social progress" garbage have to keep on killing our societies? All of these Islamic, Communist/Socialist and Turd World feces must be deported. Every other culture, country and people on Earth – aside from ol-Whitey – is ethnocentric and actually allowed to hold some respect for their culture, people, faith, country and their own bloody heritage.

  5. AW1Ed says:

    Now I’m all hungry for pizza. Thanks a bunch, Clay!

  6. Nail nick says:

    I was being light hearted and just poking a little fun at things , frankly I thought I’d get a rise out of some Southerners ( who,I love btw ).

  7. cmeat says:

    gene and jude’s will toss you if you ask for ketchup on your hot dog.

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Knife misuse of the day: Kasich uses silverware to eat pizza in NY

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