Knife or Death premieres tonight on History Channel

Knife or Death premier

If you have been watching Forged in Fire or other History Channel programs lately you have seen the commercials for the Knife or Death premiere tonight at 10pm EDT. I take this as an incredibly good sign. It means that the success of Forged has coat-tails. I believe that the best way to counter the hoplophobes efforts at demonization of tools is through a concerted effort at normalization. I touched on this theme in the context of the Roseanne premiere a couple of weeks ago. If Knife or Death succeeds, it will be another concrete move forward on our little front of the larger culture wars.

So as they say, “Back to the Show”.

David described it perfectly in his earlier post about KoD:

Judging by the trailer (which you can watch below) the obstacle course style of competition looks like some sort of cross between a Bladesports-style Cut and the more bombastic elements of a Cold Steel promotional video. Gotta make things pop for TV after all!

I am embedding the trailer a second time for those who haven’t seen it. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely tuning in.



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Knife or Death premieres tonight on History Channel

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