Knife or Death: What did you think?

Knife or Death thoughts

Howdy folks…

A quick housekeeping note. I am going to be out of town for a couple of days. I am chaperoning a 3rd grade class trip and am going to be completely incommunicado through Friday. I will be home for about 18 hours and then taking my son on a Cub Scout campout. I didn’t have a chance to do as much writing as I would like to have.

David will be holding down the fort, and I will get something out when I am home on Friday. In the mean time, I would love to hear your thoughts on Knife or Death if you watched it.

I am personally not sure what I think. I wasn’t watching closely, I was trying to pack. But from what I watched, I think I would rather watch Big Chris Bladesports videos on YouTube.

That said, since I am out in the shop writing when it is on, I am sure I will tune in again.

Will you?




  1. Sam L. says:

    I found it interesting. I enjoyed it. They certainly had entertaining and difficult events.

  2. Mike L. says:

    These shows have lineage to Top Shot/Iron Chef/Jersey Shore….the internal drama, the emotion, the hacked up judging turns me off. I watch to see blades. Shapes. Metals. Artistic quality. Beyond that? I would rather turn on reruns of 1950s Westerns. Give me Have Gun Will Travel or the first 5 seasons of Gunsmoke anyday….

    1. Sam L. says:

      TVLand is ready and waiting for you.

  3. Storyteller says:

    Just way too much false exclamations of awe and surprise. Goldberg’s “acting” was way over the top for me. No audience like “Ninja” so they tried to make up for it. Once in a while viewing, nothing more.

  4. Tex Pat says:

    It will Keeeeel

  5. MikeC. says:

    Its not as bad as I thought it would be, that being said… They need to be a bit more picky about some of the Blades/contestants they accept, but it is an interesting concept. I believe I may have a go at it…

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Knife or Death: What did you think?

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