Knife Preview: Chris Reeve Sebenza


By the time you read this, a well-used Chris Reeve Sebenza will be bumping along to Chris Dumm for a review. And boy, I hope he doesn’t take too long with it! This particular Sebenza was a gift from a family friend that I received in May 2009. I started daily carrying my knife several months later when I worked in shipping/receiving and needed to cut boxes regularly. Harsh treatment? You bet . . .


It’s since been my EDC (emphasis on the E) for the last four years. In that time, I’ve stripped it down about once a year to completely clear out the lint and grime, and give it a bit of lubrication. I’ve also run it through a dishwasher and gutted a deer or two. My only sharpening love has come from a busted AccuSharp that’s been rattling around in my truck for years.


Is this the way a ~$500 knife should be treated? No. Will the Chris Reeve Sebenza handle such abuse? Absolutely. I look forward to reading Chris’ review and I hope he returns it soon!



  1. Daniel says:

    A great knife. It’s no wonder why many consider the Sebenza to be among the best folder they own, because of or despite the hefty price tag.

    1. janitor says:

      ive come close to buying the Chinese copy

  2. Mason says:

    I honestly can’t think of a single benefit a knife like the Sebenza would give me over a Spyderco Endura at a tenth of the cost, other than a gaping hole in my wallet.

    1. DrewN says:

      And the Endura lets you carry any way you want not just right side tip up.

      1. joleolsen says:

        Yes, but isn’t right side tip up the correct orientation?

        1. Mason says:

          It is. Unless you’re left-handed.

          Or your clip is broken (guilty)….

        2. DrewN says:

          I much prefer tip down myself (and, yes, I’m a lefty).

  3. Matt in FL says:

    Is that blade bead-blasted? It looks good.

    That’s how a good knife should look: well-used, but still in great shape.

  4. Pat says:

    Stupid prices. Buy a gun instead.

  5. Rob Dunn says:

    I could have two nice ZT knives or a Sebenza or fifty shit knives… I’m going to spend lots more on knives and I’m going to buy what I want. Fact number one, a sebenza will out live an endura. Fact number two, many knives are more expensive than sebenzas. Fact three, just buy a gun may not be the best advice for someone with many guns who wants a great pocket knife. Fact four, many people are bossy and stupid. Evidence of fact four… Trump.

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Knife Preview: Chris Reeve Sebenza

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