Knife Preview: Ginsu Chikara Kitchen Knives


Consumer Reports loved them, and then their hired gun Kenji Lopez said ‘meh, they’re pretty good.’ Now we’re going to find out for ourselves, because a big bamboo block full of Ginsu ‘Chikara’ kitchen knives just took their place in my kitchen.


The 12-piece set includes a bamboo knife block with a chef’s knife, a santoku, serrated and non-serrated utility knives, a paring knife, a sharpening steel and four steak knives. They’re assembled in China, but the blades are forged from Japanese 420J2 stainless. This medium-carbon stainless excels in corrosion resistance and easy resharpening, and it’s about the best steel you can expect at the Chikara’s street price of about $100 for the whole set.

Image: Chris Dumm

They were surprisingly sharp from the box, but I introduced the chef’s knife and santoku to 6,000-grit Japanese waterstone and they are now even sharper than the mighty Mora. Ease of sharpening? Roger that.

I’ll be on vacation next week through the Labor Day weekend, but when I get back I’ll be hackin’ and whackin’ and smackin’ just like Butcher Pete. Or not, now that I’ve deciphered the lyrics.

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Knife Preview: Ginsu Chikara Kitchen Knives

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