Knife retailer shut out of Facebook advertising

Most readers of 2nd Amendment blogs are aware that Facebook bans ads from gun companies. They appear to be a bit more erratic in their enforcement when it comes to knives. Canadian retailer Knifewear has had a back and forth experience trying to advertise their high-end Japanese kitchen cutlery.


The Calgary owner of an artisan kitchen knife company is scratching his head over why Facebook keeps cutting his ads on its website.

Kevin Kent, CEO of Knifewear Group, owns five Knifewear shops in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa that sell Japanese culinary knives.

“Facebook is great. We built a really good community there, but they banned us recently from advertising because they said we sold weapons and ammunition,” Kent says. “We sell kitchen knives. The only thing we’re dangerous to is tomatoes.”

The first time the company was banned, Kent says they immediately appealed the ban through Facebook. A few days later, the ban was overturned.

Thinking they were safe, the company tried to advertise a few days later. They were banned again and appealed again, but this time they were told the ban stood.

“We were surprised by that,” Kent says. About two weeks later, he turned to Twitter and started complaining.

Google is “demonitizing” weapon-friendly YouTube channels, Facebook is jerking-around knife sellers, Hogue Inc. gets shut out of banking services…it is almost like there is a hoplophobic agenda at work.



  1. Jon says:

    The American Left is trying to implement pressure tactics that suit their sense of morality on corporations. In some cases, like Google and Facebook, this isn’t hard to do. Welcome to the new reality, where if his steak knives didn’t get blacklisted for being “weapons” they would be censored for enabling people to eat meat.

  2. Kamila says:

    We have exactly the same problem… We sell kitchen Japanese knives and home accessories. Recently we’ve been trying to promote our latest addition – magnetic knife racks… yep – they got banned too because of assimilation to knives..

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Knife retailer shut out of Facebook advertising

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