Knife Review: Benchmade Steep Mountain Progress Report

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The Benchmade Steep Mountain is a razor-sharp hunk of S30V.

I am not done with my testing of the Benchmade 15008 Steep Mountain, but after the heaviness of my Editorial, it is nice to get back to the knives themselves. I have been using the 15008 for about a month now, and I am very impressed with the knife itself. As one would expect of S30V, the knife’s ability to take and hold an edge is spectacular. The knife is comfortable in the hand. It is a tremendously grippy knife with the ruberized handle as well.

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It was well over 100 linear feet of cardboard before tears began to appear.

The Steep Mountain is definitely the sharpest out of the box blade I have ever owned. I nicked the heck out of my finger the day it arrived. It glides through newsprint like a lightsaber. The knife zipped through over 120′ of corregated cardboard before I called the test. The first 50 linear feet were like butter, and it wasn’t until I reached the 100′ mark that I began to see tearing.

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The retention strap came off while I was fishing. I have come up with an adequate workaround, but the sheath is not worthy of the such an excellent knife.

While I love the knife itself, I am extremely disappointed with the kydex and leather sheath. It is not designed to provide positive retention, instead a leather strap and snap is screwed to the kydex. I shoud have paid closer attention or added some lock-tite, but when I reached down to unsnap the strap while fishing, it fell off and was swept away by the current. I am going to need to need a replacement, because the knife easily falls out of the sheath without it. For the time being I have added a paracord loop and a velcro strap. It isn’t an ideal arrangement, but it will keep me from losing the knife on the river.

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I attached a velcro strap and paracord loop. It keeps the knife in place, but I would vastly prefer positive retention from the Kydex sheath.

I am fishing in the morning. Hopefully I can catch a few legal trout to dress out with the knife. I will obviously document the process if I do.




  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    Again….Love the orange color.
    Hate losing things in the woods that aren’t orange in color.

  2. Jeff O. says:

    I have a Benchmade Bone Collector fixed blade, and have the same complaint. The knife is wonderful, perfectly balanced and holds an edge forever, but the sheath leaves a lot to be desired.

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Knife Review: Benchmade Steep Mountain Progress Report

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