Knife Review: Havalon Piranta Edge

When I handed over my Sebenza for Chris to review, he was beside himself. I kept getting thank you emails and updates on how things were going, and he went out of his way to make sure my knife returned in better shape than it left. I appreciated that, but it wasn’t necessary as the Sebenza came into my possession through a very generous man. I figured that the same spirit of generosity should follow it through life. Unfortunately, Chris doesn’t think a simple thank you will suffice so the week after he took possession of my Sebenza, I got a package from Amazon with a Havalon Piranta just in time for deer season to start.

I pulled it out of the package and just started giggling. It was like nothing I’d ever seen! So light, so bright, and OMFG sharp. And when it stops being sharp, just replace the blade. Which for me is a godsend. I HATE sharpening knives. Short of some fancy multi-hundred dollar knife sharpening gizmo, I’m functionally dumb at sharpening. And those EZ sharp gizmos never really get my knife sharp enough.

Short of dragging an edge perpendicular across a rotary sanding drum, not much seems to dull an edge quite like field dressing large ungulates. It is also an incredibly delicate operation as one wrong move can mean urine covered meat.

My first outing with the Havalon was opening weekend. Nick got a buck on the first day, and as part of my post kill processing ritual I went to cut the veins and arteries in the neck. Normally, the “stroke” for that is to plunge my knife into the neck from the side and push downwards towards the esophagus. Using any other knife (no matter how sharp), usually requires a bit of sawing to get this done. Long story short, I nearly decapitated Nick’s deer.

I used the same blade to process three deer on opening weekend, and despite my best attempts, I was unable to dull the blade. See below for a video showing the quartering process.

The Piranta ships with the #60XT blade which is a general purpose, pointy edged blade. Since you can change out blade profiles in a snap, there’s no need to carry multiple knives. I haven’t yet tried out the #22XT which seems to be less prone to puncturing bladders and stomachs. I like that.

Specifications: Havalon Piranta EDGE

● Comes with 12 additional stainless steel #60XT blades, 2-3/4″
● Rugged stain resistant ABS plastic handle
● Overall length 7-1/4″
● Ambidextrous thumb studs
● Open back for easy cleaning
● Liner-lock construction
● Removable holster clip
● Nylon holster included

Price: $39.99

All reviews are based on 5 stars and are subjective as all hell.

Fit, Finish, & Build Quality * * * * *

The Piranta is very sturdy given the fact that it is primarily made of ABS plastic and stamped metal pieces. The locking mechanism does a good job of locking the knife open, and the mechanism for retaining the blade is very solid. As an ultimate test, I tossed the knife in the dishwasher and it emerged sparkling clean and not melted into a hunk of worthless plastic.

Sharpness * * * * *

Good lord this is sharp. And it stays that way. I nearly decapitated a deer the first time I used it and it stayed that way. I finally changed a blade just because I wanted to.

Carrying * * * * *

Because the Piranta is sooo light, it disappears in a pair of pants. I actually carried it the whole time my Sebenza was on loan and I became a big fan. It also rides very deep in the pocket, which I’ve always enjoyed. It also ships with a nylon belt holster. I never used that, but it seems like a great way to store your extra blades.


  1. Eric says:

    Of course it works. That looks like an Autopsy scalpel.

  2. jwm says:

    My son started hunting recently. He got one of these knives. He hasn’t had the chance to use it on deer yet, season isn’t here. But he’s used it on pheasant and it works very well on delicate tasks on birds. I’m scheduled for my hunter safety course in January. I have most of my gear. A decent set of binocs and one of these Pirantas is on my to aquire list.

    1. Eric says:

      When you need replacement blades, just look up scalpel blades on Amazon. There are many options.

  3. dwb says:

    I bought one for deer season and loved it – cut through deer like butter and light as a feather to carry. Bought another as a gift. Both were the limited editions (e.g. Piranta-Eagle). This is the kind of knife you can give as a gift to someone is particular about sharp knives. I have not even had to change the blade on my first after lots of use, it’s still really sharp, but the season is not over, yet.

  4. Bob says:

    These knives are JUNK! They are CHEAP, overpriced Pakistani JUNK. Cheap, bad handles, blades don’t hold the edge! I bought German surgical blades, they hold up 50 times longer. Don’t buy this CHEAP JUNK.

  5. FRANK TRIMBLE says:


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Knife Review: Havalon Piranta Edge

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