Knife Review: MTech Xtreme Tactical Throwing Knives

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MTech USA knives are bargain-bin blades as a general rule, but the Tactical Throwers are actually a pretty good starter set for a low investment.

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to flinging steel. Frankly, I haven’t even invested much time in background reading. I was looking for something to play around with while watching the Stanley Cup out in the workshop. So I dropped a whopping $16 at Smoky Mountain Knife Works on a set of MTech Xtreme Tactical Throwing Knives. It was money well spent.


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Pretty much the sum total of my knife throwing experience.

While I can claim no expertise in the realm of knife throwing, I can honestly state that I put these two pieces of 440 stainless through their paces. I chewed my way through four 1/2″ pine boards, and in the course of doing so became relatively proficient in my shop at 3 separate fixed distances. I have no earthly idea of how many throws I have made, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it cracked into 5 figures. The 4 boards were absolutely obliterated.

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The boards were beaten to the point of complete failure.

I picked the MTechs out of the display case of about a dozen choices. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I could quickly rule out the “too small”, the single edged, and those over about $30. I liked the heft of the knives, and they felt well balanced.

These knives were submitted to an insane amount of abuse. As a beginner, several thousand throws ended clanging off target, banging into a doorknob, each other, or even my table saw 5 feet away. They got pretty banged up. But when they stuck, (more often than not at this point), they proved to stick with a satisfying thud and an appreciable force of impact.

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The knives got pretty banged up in the month of testing.

These knives were tough. They are 3/16″ thick, and are as straight as they were from the box. Th tips eventually deflected slightly. But these and any nicks were easy to file flat with the sandpaper on my belt sander (a stationary machine with the power off – purely by hand), I did not attempt to sharpen them away entirely. Since I am not using these knives for slicing (out of the box you certainly could have), I would rather not remove the metal and affect the balance.

From 8′ (about dart throw distance) I can stick about 90% with a single turn handle throw once I have warmed up. Backing to 11′ I can stick about 70% of my blade throws with 1.5 twists. I make the handle-thrown, double rotation toss more often than I miss at this point from 14 feet.

I have tried Brit’s underhand 14 foot throw from The Magnificent Seven. Out of dozens of attempts, I have probably stuck it about 3 times. There have been several attempts that have taken chunks from the drywall. It is not an attempt I am ever going to practice enough to get. But as I mentioned in my “Cinema Knife Baddass” post, it is a throw that is both impossible yet feasible. It remains my favorite knife scene in any movie. Coburn was the man.

the-magnificent-seven-coburn-knife (1)

Brit’s impossible throw is still my favorite, even if I stick it about 3% of the time.

Here are some statistics on the MTech Xtreme Tactical throwers:

Overall Length: 7 7/8″
Blade Length: 4″
Blade Thickness: 3/16″
Blade Width: 1″
Blade Material:440C
Country of Origin: China

They come with a surprisingly nice nylon and plastic sheath for the price point. It has a velcro retention loop and a large belt loop. I don’t imagine wearing these, but I guess in a competition it would be a nice touch.




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Knife Review: MTech Xtreme Tactical Throwing Knives

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