Knife Rights Releases First Annual Scorecard of the Best and Worst Places for Knife Owners

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Holiday travel can pose some unique considerations for those of us who will be carrying a pocketknife. The restrictions, or lack thereof, that we face at home could be very different from those where we will be when we celebrate. Always check out local laws before you travel and plan accordingly.

Knife Rights has made your homework a little easier if you will happen to be in one of the following cities. They have just released their first annual scorecard detailing the 10 Worst Anti-Knife Cities, and 5 Best States for Knife Owners in the US.

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Knife Owners Beware! The 10 Worst Anti-Knife Cities in America

The ten worst anti-knife cities stand out for their outright persecution of honest knife owners and extraordinarily restrictive anti-knife ordinances, far more severe than even the state laws in those areas.  All too often this results in unwary citizens being subject to arrest and prosecution, and loss of their knives, for having a knife that is perfectly legal elsewhere in the state.

1.   New York, NY (majority of pocketknives will result in arrest, aggressive prosecution of knife owners, over 60,000 to date)
2.   Philadelphia, PA (all knives are illegal to carry except when actually in use on the job)
3.   Ocean City, MD (many common pocketknives are illegal, Catch 22 traps many citizens)
4.   San Antonio, TX (all locking-blade pocketknives knives are illegal to carry except on the job)
5.   Rocky River, OH (2.5-inch blade limit)
6.   Boston, MA (2.5-inch blade carry limit, including in any vehicle)
7.   Cleveland, OH (2.5-inch blade carry limit, registration of any sale or gift of a longer bladed knife)
8.   Chicago, IL (2.5-inch blade concealed carry limit, 2-inch blade limit for 18 and under, but minor cannot legally obtain any knife)
9.   Corpus Christi, TX (illegal to carry any fixed blade knife or a folder with a blade longer than 3-inches except when actually in use on the job)
10.   Aspen, CO (Any concealed knife is illegal to carry in public)

The fact that NYC took the number one spot should surprise no one. What caught me off guard was the number of cities with 2.5″ length restrictions. I always knew about Boston and Chicago, but had no idea on the others. Fortunately, the Spyderco Cat is a great knife that won’t run afoul of those restrictions.

Read the full article at for the top five states, and for more specifics on the laws in each of the ten worst cities.

They also have an app designed to help you with local and state laws. The cost is $1.99 on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Last I checked, the city ordinances were still being updated, but the state laws were very complete.

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Know the Law – Don’t Get Arrested!

In states and cities with knife restrictions, knowledge of the law is essential to avoid an unfortunate arrest, loss of knife or other legal complications. Knife Rights Foundation introduced its LegalBlade™ App this year to provide guidance at your fingertips to the knife laws of all 50 states as well as over 40 cities and local jurisdictions, with more being added every month.

Knife Rights LegalBlade™ App Features:

  • Includes the knife laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, plus cities
  • Results presented incorporate judicial decisions that affect how the law is actually enforced
  • Easy to understand, color-coded tables
  • Comprehensive information on the legality of Possession, Open Carry and Concealed Carry for all common knife types, including those most often restricted
  • Includes length restrictions, age restrictions and other restrictions in the law
  • Includes the text of the state law, plus applicable portions of court decisions that further define what is legal and what is not
  • “What To Do If Stopped or Arrested,” by Evan Nappen, noted knife law expert and attorney, provides clear, concise information to protect your rights if you are ever stopped for carrying a knife or arrested for a knife law violation
  • All legal data is maintained on the server for instant law updates and the addition of more cities going forward

Stay safe, friends!


  1. SigGuy says:

    Guess I broke the law every day while living in Corpus Christi. Oops!

    1. Yeah, I didn’t live in Cleveland itself, but as a teenager I would ride the train down to Indians games with a Spyderco clipped to my pocket. I don’t know when the 2.5″ limit was instituted though.

  2. Nathan says:

    Kinda surprised Wyoming isn’t on the list for best states. There’s pretty much no restrictions

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Knife Rights Releases First Annual Scorecard of the Best and Worst Places for Knife Owners

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