“Knife-Skills and Life-Skills”. Charity changes lives through cooking

Kitchens for Good is changing lives…

This is just a feel-good story, and a non-profit I could get behind. The San Diego-based charity “Kitchens for Good”, is changing the lives of the ex-convicts and the homeless – through knives.

From KPBS.org:

Southeastern San Diego nonprofit Kitchens for Good is teaching “knife skills and life skills” to formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals in need of jobs. Sixteen graduated from the 12-week program Wednesday, including former gang member Emily Gonzalez.

“I gained a love for hospitality and service,” she said at the graduation ceremony. “I had changed from a job of bringing chaos and destruction to a job that brought joy and happiness to others.”

Gonzalez, who grew up in Logan Heights, is training to manage the kitchen at the Willowbrook Country Club in Lakeside. Nearly everyone in her cohort already have jobs lined up in popular San Diego restaurants, including Draft Republic in La Jolla, Starlite Lounge in Little Italy and Blvd Noodles in La Mesa.

About 90 percent of Kitchens for Good’s more than 100 graduates are employed, according to the nonprofit, making an average of $13 an hour.

Not a lot to say about this other than “good job”. It might be an old-fashioned notion in this day and age, but teaching the dignity of hard-work is the key to helping rebuild a life adrift.

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“Knife-Skills and Life-Skills”. Charity changes lives through cooking

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