Knife Tip: Avoid Taxicabs?

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If you’re like Boris Grushenko in Woody Allen’s satirical classic Love And Death, you’ve got a fatal allergy to metal objects entering your body. In that case, you and Boris might both be nervous about hopping into the next taxicab you see. A New York City cabdriver is being sought by police after allegedly stabbing and beating two early-morning passengers in Queens, one fatally.

From Fox News:

A killer cabby didn’t utter a word as he viciously beat a would-be passenger with a baseball bat and then fatally stabbed the man’s pal on a Queens street, the survivor of the horrific attack told The Post yesterday.

“He didn’t say anything. He just got out of the car and started fighting,” victim Carlos Perez said from his bed at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, where he is recovering from a broken arm and stab wounds received in the predawn Saturday ambush in Woodside.

Cops yesterday were still hunting the driver who killed Perez’s longtime pal, deejay Isaac Martinez, 26, before speeding off, leaving the men bleeding on Roosevelt Avenue.

This kind of incident is extremely odd in the United States, where cabbies are much more likely to be victims of violent crime than perpetrators. Not so in the developing world: Mexico City’s VW Beetle ‘Vocho’ taxis were synonymous with passenger robberies and kidnappings from the 1980s until their phase-out in 2012.

And just last month, a United States DEA agent was stabbed to death by a cab driver in Bogota, Colombia.


The recent murder of an American government employee in Colombia has thrown the spotlight on an ominous spate of crimes in this Latin American country — cab muggings.

James “Terry” Watson, an agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, was fatally stabbed in Bogota on June 21 while fighting off an apparent robbery in a taxi he caught in the capital.

Six Colombians have been charged with kidnapping and second-degree murder in US federal court.

Am I blowing this all out of proportion? You bet I am! Third world travel has always had its risks, and the potential hazards of a cab ride had to be weighed against the likelihood of getting stranded in a strange part of a stranger city after dark.

But it’s just bizarre to think that a psycho NYC cabbie would go medieval on his passengers in this age of cell phones, street surveillance cameras and onboard GPS tattlers.


  1. Aharon says:

    “it’s just bizarre to think that a psycho NYC cabbie would go medieval”

    I think the not too surprising “reason” is clearly stated above: He’s psycho.

    I’m waiting for a nanny-state mayor to call for all cabbies to undergo psychiatric and criminal background checks along with investigations to determine if they harbor feelings of bigotry and hate towards people of different racial, ethnic, religious groups, and the half-dozen or so um genders out there. 3-2-1….

  2. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    I called this one before making the 2 jumps to the full story.
    A livery cab. For those who don’t know, it’s a not a Yellow cab, but a
    cab that looks like a regular car but with a license to carry passengers.
    Most are not affiliated with large companies, and do not look like a cab.
    My NY friend told me to never call for or use a livery cab, and for this
    very reason. Because they look like regular Town cars, they are hard to
    identify and they are not monitored by a GPS or a central cab garage.
    If it ain’t a Yellow Cab, don’t get in it. I hope they catch this prick.

    1. Aharon says:


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Knife Tip: Avoid Taxicabs?

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