Knife Tip: It’s Hunting Season. Be Careful Out There.

Image courtesy Nick LeghornIt’s that time of year again, when wild and tasty animals take their rightful place in our freezers and ovens and (eventually) bellies. Most of you have seen this photo before, because it’s Nick Leghorn and Tyler Kee from The Truth About Guns.  They filled their tags opening day. Lucky bastards.

Image courtesy Havalon Knives

Tyler dressed out his deer with a Havalon Piranta like this one. I sent Tyler the knife in gratitude for the loan of his Chris Reeve Sebenza which I’m still trying to sharpen. (Any tips greatly appreciated, BTW.)

The happy moment pictured above, however, is not the time to crack a beer in celebration. There’s still plenty of hard, messy, and potentially dangerous work ahead. Tyler’s video showed you the right way to quarter a deer, but one Utah hunter discovered, to his considerable peril and discomfort, one of the many wrong ways.

He’s not an ‘Irresponsible Knife Owner’ by any stretch of the imagination. He’s just unlucky, but he is at least lucky to be alive.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

A hunter was in serious condition Tuesday, the day after he cut himself badly while skinning a deer he had just shot in remote Box Elder County.

Box Elder County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Potter said a 911 call came in at 4:13 p.m. Monday from the Keller Ranch, where the 47-year-old hunter had earlier bagged his deer in the West Promontory area.

“He and the guide had the deer hung up and were in the process of skinning it. On a down stroke, the hunter cut into his right upper thigh,” Potter said. “It was a pretty bad cut.”

The guide bandaged the man as best he could and began to drive him to a road near the Golden Spike National Historic Site, calling emergency services along the way to meet him. A Brigham City ground ambulance crew stabilized the victim and then a medical helicopter took the victim to McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden.

Initially listed as critical, the man was later upgraded to serious condition.

“I understand he’s going to make it, but it was a deep cut and he lost a lot of blood,” Potter said.

Chopping yourself in the thigh with a razor-sharp skinning knife is serious business, and this fellow would probably be dead if he’d been hunting alone. Kudos to the guide for stabilizing him and recognizing the need for immediate medical treatment.

Quick-Clot-25At the risk of Thursday-morning quarterbacking, however, there’s no excuse for a professional hunting guide not to have state-of-the-art trauma gear including tourniquets, Israeli bandages, and instant-clotting bandages like Quick Clot or Celox.Celox

With modern medical tools like these available for $10 to $20 per life-saving application, there’s no need to cut bandage strips from your flannel shirt any more.

Be Prepared.


  1. jwm says:

    I have shed blood at a rapid rate. It’s an attention getting moment. I used to work alone in odd hours and odd places. I refuse to do that anymore. Also, wilderness adventures, no solo for me.

    1. lolinski says:

      Do you mind sharing? I know I bled bad once, I smashed a window with my hand. Luckily I had duct tape with me and there were tampons in the bathroom.

  2. Nate says:

    AMK has a great lil trauma kit that is very reasonably priced that comes with Quikclot. Grab an Israeli bandage and possibly a TQ. That would make a great kit to take with you to the range, camping, hunting, etc.

  3. Paul B says:

    Linky if you likey. I suppose I could bing it,

    I have some celox, the Israeli bandage and a tourniquet that I keep with me all the time. Always looking for backup kits.

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Knife Tip: It’s Hunting Season. Be Careful Out There.

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