Knife Vs. MMA, Part 1: A Bad Idea Caught On Camera

Image capture from YouTubeThere are no dangerous weapons, just dangerous people. When a Pennsylvania shopkeeper caught a shoplifter red-handed, the thief upped the ante by pulling a big knife on him. That’s when he learned the real definition of ‘dangerous.’

The shopkeeper in question wasn’t exactly Mr. Hooper from Sesame Street. Tom ‘Mate’ Anderton is a former MMA fighter, and his training kicked in the moment he saw steel. He overpowered the shoplifter and put him in a sleeper hold, and when he was immobilized another customer pried the knife out of his hand. (That’s why the knife isn’t visible in the video.)

This incident put another check in Anderton’s “WIN” column. The shoplifter is now facing felony charges of robbery and assault.

It’s a huge win (for all of us) to see an armed robber get choked out by his would-be victim, but this illustrates that a ‘dangerous weapon’ doesn’t magically transform you into a dangerous person.

I’ll say it again: mindset, skillset, then toolset. If you lack the mindset and skillset to take care of yourself and all you’ve got is a tool, that’s probably all you are.


  1. ChuckN says:

    “Today on MSM clone TV, trial coverage of Tom Anderton
    and how he savagely and unnecessarily beat a man who
    was just trying to make a living.”
    “Later we talk to ‘MAMMA’ – Mothers Against MMA, and
    we also discuss whether this could be a hate crime.”

  2. Aharon says:

    Meanwhile, VP Joe Biden said that to be safe all a person really needs to do is to make friends with an ex-MMA fighter.

  3. 2hotel9 says:

    First rule, don’t flash a knife to intimidate. Next rule, once blade is drawn you have to use it, otherwise you lose.

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Knife Vs. MMA, Part 1: A Bad Idea Caught On Camera

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