Knife Vs. MMA, Part 2: A Really Bad Idea Turns Fatal.

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Knives don’t make people dangerous. Either they’re dangerous or they’re not; a knife just makes them armed. We just reported how a Pennsylvania shoplifter took a short trip to The Land Of Nod when he drew steel on a former MMA fighter, but that incident is a happy-ending fairytale compared to what happened in New Mexico in the early-morning hours on New Year’s Day.

MMA figher Joseph Torrez had received threatening phone calls from alleged gang member Leonard Calvillo the day before, including an explicit threat to come to Torrez’ house and kill his family. At about 2:00 a.m., Calvillo allegedly made good on his threat and broke into Torrez’ home with three accomplices. At least one of them was armed with a knife.

If they wanted to kill Torrez, however, they probably should have brought a gun. Torrez apparently disarmed them and stabbed one of the accomplices to death, and inflicted what are described as ‘severe facial injuries’ on another of them. Calvillo and the other uninjured survivor fled, but were quickly arrested.

At this time it’s unknown if this incident represents a clean example of a  ‘defensive knife use.’ Details of the actual fight are murky, and investigators may charge Torrez in connection with the death. New Mexico doesn’t explicitly follow the Castle Doctrine, but state law imposes no duty to retreat.

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  1. Roger says:

    I think it’s pretty safe to assume this was straight self defense. They broke into his house, apparently in a group and with at least one weapon.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Exactly. Unless there’s video of Torrez chasing down and killing a fleeing, unarmed, sobbing invader who’s begging for his life, this doesn’t sound like a righteous charge.

      Torrez is obviously a really dangerous guy, but the law is supposed to be on his side here because 1) he was in his own home with his family, and 2) he was outnumbered, 3) by armed people who 4) had already threatened to kill him and his family.

      1. jwm says:

        Is there any evidence of a death threat against him or his family. Somebody threatens my family with death and the first thing I’m doing once I put my hand on my gun is call 911. Did he do that? It reads like a whole day elapsed from the time of the threats to the actual attack.

        Having recieved credible advanced warning of death from a banger I would have at least armed myself, instead of having to wrestle the weapon away from an attacker, and moved my family to a safe place.

        I’m confident in my abilities to defend my castle, but I want loved ones out of the line of fire.

        1. Roger says:

          A whole day didn’t elapse. Another article on this pointed to a few hour time window. And, as someone who has received many harassing and threatening phone calls, cops generally do not care until actual violence happens. They’ll go through the motions of having a car follow you home and sit outside for 15 minutes but beyond that is cutting into their doughnut time.

          I have personally been attacked, at my home and workplace, on multiple occasions by a very small group of people. The threats, even with permanent orders of protection on them, rarely get them the jail time they’re supposed to. Now until I actually kill one of them, and get reamed in the opposite direction, the cops only do the most cursory of services.

          Remember, Warren v DC.

    2. Leo Atrox says:

      I wouldn’t presume it is as cut-and-dry as that. There is the matter of a previous threat being made, which means that Torrez and his assailants were in communication prior to this attack. There was an opportunity for Torrez to “invite” this attack; and, if he did, his self-defense case gets a bit murky. I have no evidence suggested that he did invite them over; but during the course of a heated conversation, a professional fighter’s utterance of what may be legally defined as “fighting words” isn’t out of the question.

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Knife Vs. MMA, Part 2: A Really Bad Idea Turns Fatal.

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