Knife-wielding 80-year old arrested at Elizabeth Smart book-signing

Elizabeth Smart/Claude Hudson (image via New York Post)

It has been almost 15 years since a knife-wielding psychopath kidnapped Elizabeth Smart from her bedroom and subjecting her to unspeakable abuse in the 9 months he held her captive. This past week she experienced a bit of a scare when an 80 year old felon attempted to confront her at an Indiana State University book-signing.

From the New York Post:

A knife-wielding octogenarian ex-con pummeled a police captain when the senior tried to approach famous kidnap survivor Elizabeth Smart at a book-signing at Indiana State University, according to published reports.

Claude Hudson, who once served time for attempted murder, was attending the “Elizabeth Smart Speaker Series” in the Heritage Lounge at Tiery Hall on Monday evening when the captain spotted him playing with a folding knife while gazing at Smart across the room, the Tribune Star reported Wednesday.

Hudson, 80, then closed the knife, stuffed it into his pocket and started walking “in a dedicated and determined fashion” toward Smart, passing a line of people waiting to get her memoir, “My Story,” autographed by her, the newspaper said.

But ISU police Capt. Ian Loomis stopped Hudson, who became enraged and repeatedly slugged the officer in the stomach.

Loomis was able to restrain Hudson, remove the knife from his pocket and place him under arrest for battery.

Hudson has a long history of arrests in California, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada and Tennessee. He was also convicted of attempted murder in Nevada in 1991.

Smart, 29, who was the guest speaker at the event, was not injured.

Seriously Creepy. I am glad that Ms. Smart is alright. While the kidnapping was a big story nationally, I was living just a few hours North of Salt Lake when the kidnapping took place. It was even bigger news in heavily-Mormon East Idaho.


  1. cmeat says:

    one hopes you might sense something about an agitated random character like that. maybe you’d pick up on some curious mannerism, to look at his image he would not be setting off my radar.
    glad he didn’t make contact- good on that popo.

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Knife-wielding 80-year old arrested at Elizabeth Smart book-signing

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