Knife-wielding attacker sets Swiss train-car alight; wounds several


The 27 year old attacker is reportedly a Swiss citizen of unknown national origin.

I have searched about a dozen sights without being able to find any fresh information. But here is what is known.


Seven people have been injured after a man attacked passengers on a train in Switzerland with ‘fire and a knife’.

Swiss police have confirmed the train has been sealed off an it is understood the county’s interior minister is holding an emergency meeting over the incident.

The man set the train carriage on fire using a flammable liquid and also stabbed passengers, including a six-year-old child, police said.

Police say the suspect, who is fighting for his life after setting also setting himself on fire, is a 27-year-old Swiss national of unknown origin – but did not reveal whether he was born in the country or any other personal information about him.

Police are still working to piece together the “why” of this attack. They do seem to be ruling out terrorism though. We’ll see.

The assailant remains in police custody but is said to be ‘unresponsive’ due to his injuries, police said.

According to website, the head of the local police media team said the offender was ‘on fire’ when he was apprehended, and added he had a ‘typical Swiss name’.

Bruno Metzger of the St Gallen cantonal police said the attack could be a ‘crime of passion’, adding: ‘A terrorism background still seems very, very far-fetched.’

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Knife-wielding attacker sets Swiss train-car alight; wounds several

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