Knife-wielding dog caught on video

knife-wielding dog

knife wielding dog

This video is actually kind of cute, since the knife-wielding dog is wagging its tail the whole time. And unlike the unfortunate woman in Colorado who was slashed by another knife-wielding dog -her Labrador.

From Daily Dot:

Here’s the basic rundown: YouTube user Mitch Thurman beckons to his little dog Charlie—who, as it quickly becomes clear, is holding a large knife in his mouth, crooked out to one side. It’s the perfect image for Halloween season―an effortlessly cute dog turned terrifying by way of a sharp blade―but Mitch seems eager to get him to drop the knife, for obvious reasons.


We need to disarm the dogs. For the children…


This isn’t the funniest of Sunday Funnies, but be sure to check out last night’s post on the taser fatality. While that subject is serious, as is my commentary, I included a series of taser memes which were meant to liven up the post.

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Knife-wielding dog caught on video

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