Knife-wielding stalker shot by cops outside WWE facility

A man, identified as Armando Montalvo who had a restraining order against him for stalking WWE Diva AJ Lee was shot after allegedly charging a Deputy Sheriff with a knife.


“Montalvo told the deputies he was possibly armed with a knife, so the deputies had weapons drawn when they approached him, Demings said. Montalvo then charged one of the deputies, who fired once as he retreated roughly 75 feet, authorities said.

“He’s running backyards trying to create distance between he and the ultimately the subject closes within just a few feet and he fires one shot at that time,” Demings said.

Montalvo was struck and was taken to a local hospital. His condition has not been released.”

If the video-tape backs up the statements of the Sheriff in the press conference above, this sounds like a pretty clean shoot. What seems to be absolutely clear is that Montalvo was nuts.

From DailyMailUK:

“The order against Montalvo came after previous incidents at the WWE center, where he said he was trying to get a job, according to TMZ

…One one incident he allegedly spread his feces and urine on the building and during another he was said to have come to the area with a large chain.

Demings said that the man who was shot had previously been ‘Baker Acted’, referring to a Florida law that allows law enforcement officers and mental health professionals to conduct involuntary examinations of those believed to be mentally ill. “


  1. Spencer says:

    Thinning the herd one nut at a time.

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Knife-wielding stalker shot by cops outside WWE facility

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