Knife-wielding thieves ride mopeds through crowded London plaza

knife-wielding moped


Following a knife-point heist from a London jewelry store, a gang of thieves made their escape in action-movie fashion – they rode mopeds through a crowded outdoor mall.


CCTV released by police shows the robbers swerving to avoid shoppers as they raced through the shopping centre at about 11am on Monday morning.

The thieves left with a haul of ten Hublot watches worth £93,000, police said.

The two “high-powered” mopeds, with a driver and passenger on each, drove along Bread Street into One New Change and through the shopping centre to Fraser Hart jewelers.

One moped swerves to avoid shoppers as it rides through the shopping centre (City of London Police)

The men then got off the mopeds; one man stood by the escalator near to the shop, while the other stood outside of Fraser Hart and appeared to be waving a knife in the air.

The two other men entered the store; one stood near the entrance, while the other climbed onto the window display and stole the ten watches.

Officers swooped on the shopping centre following reports of a knife-point robbery and closed it off to the public while pictures emerged showing confused City workers gathering outside the cordoned-off shopping centre.

Police are still looking for the perpetrators, and are seeking information from the public.


  1. Malcolm says:

    They must have used a three inch non locking folder since anything else would be illegal to carry in ye olde Engerland…

    1. michael schoeneberger says:


  2. Hannibal says:

    London is getting a whiff of Brazil

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Knife-wielding thieves ride mopeds through crowded London plaza

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