Knife/Gun Contest Entry: A Knife From a Gun Maker?

By Andrew M.

When I was thirteen I received a Swiss Army Knife from my uncle, which continued a long-standing tradition in my family. I learned to respect knives, handle them properly, and now carry a knife almost every day. Earlier this year, while placing an order with Wilson Combat for a 1911, I was browsing their online store. When I saw that they make knives I was surprised. While waiting rather impatiently for my WC 1911, I decided it was time for another EDC knife. So I ordered a Wilson Combat/Hogue Knives Star-light Tactical Folder with a 3.5” drop point blade . . .

Right out of the box I was impressed by this knife and couldn’t help but smile. The handle is made of the same type of G10 Starburst grips and Wilson Combat medallion that are on most WC 1911s. The overall length is 8”, but when folded the knife fits perfectly into my pocket and can be easily concealed.

The knife is lightweight and has a natural feel in my hand. It comes with a thumb stud on each side of the blade for smooth fast opening. The folder also comes with a safety to prevent the blade from folding accidently or during use. Finally, the knife comes with a clip for easy concealment and an ergonomically placed release button to fold the blade.

At first I was skeptical about carrying a knife made by a company known for making some of the best custom 1911s in the world, but after just a few days I knew this folding knife will be my EDC for many years to come. The Wilson Combat knife has the quality you would expect from such a highly regarded firearms maker.

Everyone has their own requirements and qualities they look for in an EDC knife, but for me the WC folder satisfies them all and then some. The quality of the knife is so good that, like a Wilson 1911, future generations of my family will be able to enjoy carrying them.


  1. Nathan says:

    I wouldn’t say they make knives. It’s more of a contract service from high end makers to make the knives for them. They also do it with Chris Reeve

  2. mike says:

    A bunch of manufacturers are doing collaborations with Wilson Combat. Have you seen the Eagle? It is absolutely beautiful (though super expensive). It is light and the construction is flawless. It became my EDC instantly even though I generally like a more discrete pocket clip

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Knife/Gun Contest Entry: A Knife From a Gun Maker?

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