Knife/Gun Contest Entry: How Many Knives is Enough?

By Brandon N.

I grew up with a dad who always carried a small pocket knife. The blade was only about 1.5” but I remember it being quite sharp. He would pull it out any time he had an excuse to cut something and as a kid I loved it.  I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to have my own pocket knife. When it was finally time to shell out a couple of bucks for something decent I remember getting a Leatherman Squirt. I hated stuff in my pockets and wanted something small enough that it wouldn’t bother me sitting in my pocket but could still be useful. Unfortunately . . .

I melted some of the tools while doing backyard electrical and decided it was time to buy a real multi-tool.  After reading review after review (and looking for deals) I decided to go with the Leatherman MUT.  It was the perfect accessory to go with my AR-15 and I found an Amazon deal close enough to my budget that I could fudge the numbers without aggravating the wife too much.  Obviously this thing was not going to sit in my pocket. 

image005-1I decided to pick up a decent backpack over at my local Big 5 that had molle straps and would help me lug around my goods. As I started carrying more emergency EDC gear in my backpack I decided a nice survival knife would be a good addition. After watching YouTube videos and reading reviews I decided the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife would be a good, frugal selection. It wasn’t my first choice, but I knew it wouldn’t see too much action and would be sitting inside the backpack. That meant I could go a little larger and didn’t have to worry about the “look at me” orange coloring.

After that, TTAG turned me on to TTAK and I realized my NEED for a quality self-defense EDC knife. Once again I hit the web (while I was supposed to be doing something efficient at work, of course) and after three days of research, picked up my new baby; a beautiful Benchmade Griptillian. Nice, light weight in the pocket and, of course, a great blade. Don’t leave home without it.

I still have my original Squirt in my backpack because some of the tools still work, of course, and I’m not one to throw a perfectly valuable tool away, but now when I walk into my nice quiet office job to sit at a computer all day, I do so with four knives on me: multi-tools (large and small), a folder, and a fixed blade (with a necessary fire starter of course).

image006-1I work with my brother and since I type for a living, he thinks I’m crazy. I’m not denying the fact that I may be, but just the other day he did need borrow my MUT and while he was at it, he asked if I still had that paracord in my backpack as well. I let him borrow them but couldn’t help throw out a line about him being lucky I’m so crazy. Heck, I wouldn’t mind adding a Mini-Griptiliian to the collection (Farago?). So how about it?  What do you walk out the door with? How many knives to you need before you can call it a day? Is there such a thing?


  1. Jon says:

    I walk out the door with 3 knives everyday….one leatherman on my key ring, a Benchmade 300 in my pocket and a CRKT Fire Spark tucked on the inside of my waistband.

  2. VaqueroJustice says:

    You have a hole in your brace, there. No neck knife.
    Of course once you have a neck knife, you will have
    a large and small fixed blade, a large and small tool,
    but only one folder…

    1. crockett says:

      I carry two knives in the summer with shorts. In the winter its usually three. Two folding and one fixed.

  3. Pat Carver says:

    I carry a small swiss army with pen and flashlight. A medium knife in my watch pocket, another folder in my left pocket since I am a lefty, and a larger knife in a belt pouch.

    Sgt Barry Sadler, the man who sang the Ballad of the Green Beret, had another song called the Garret soldier. This was about the military version of a mall ninja. There was a lyric that went “He has a boot knife, a leg knife, a shoulder knife, a belt knife, and a little bitty one that’s a combination dinner set, flare gun and genuine police whistle.
    I love my knives and swap them out like women change accessories, but sometimes it feels a little like that.

  4. Bret says:

    I always have my Gerber fast draw. Its not the best, but I seem to have a use for it everyday. I do like to have a multi tool around the house for when I need one.

  5. Jim Bullock says:


    – 3″ blade, cheapish liner lock folder. It’s small enough to be inconspicuous, large enough to fit my hand comfortably, sharp & rugged enough to get my jobs done, and cheap enough that I don’t panic about losing it.

    – Swiss army knife with only one blade, but a corkscrew. I refuse to be anywhere wine might appear without a means to open it. Priorities.

    – Blade in Leatherman multi-tool. This might count as 2, as there’s a second, serrated blade, or 3 if the TSA considers the saw a “blade.”

    This just reminded me I should include a small blade in with my first aid stuff.

  6. Sam L. says:

    Pat, I believe that’s a “garrison” soldier–one who stays on post/base and never goes out into the field. A garret is where a starving artist lives.

    I usually have 5: my granddad’s 2-blade plus awl, a locker clipped in my pocket, a multi-tool, and a mini-multi-tool and a lock-blade in my jacket/vest pockets.

    1. Pat Carver says:

      Sam L.
      Here is a link to the Amazon listing for the album. The title of the song is Garet Trooper. I have not heard the term before or since, but that is what the song is called.

  7. Paul810 says:

    On a day to day basis I carry two. A Benchmade 707 and a Swisscard Lite in my wallet. Sometimes I add a multitool to that if my work calls for it.

    However, I have over 250 various knives in my collection, so I guess I fall into that, “you can never have enough” category.

  8. CJM says:

    I carry a gun and two knives in my carry purse each day. As a woman and a wife, dissing your wife in a public forum will not get you any points at home no matter how many knives you walk out the door with.

    1. Pat Carver says:

      How is acknowledging that women change their clothing accessories much more often than men dissing them?
      My point is that I have a collection big enough that I can pick from a number of knife options each day.
      Some people stick with a standard EDC knife that never changes (and there are valid reasons for doing that). I just like picking from a variety.

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Knife/Gun Contest Entry: How Many Knives is Enough?

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