Knife/Gun Contest Entry: Why I Carry

By Fluttershy

I tried to write something witty and insightful for you all about why I carry a knife. I really did. It covered potential defensive uses, how knives are arms and as such are protected by the second amendment just like guns. How useful a knife can be in daily situations, and how my knife helps me practice situational awareness for the day when I eventually concealed carry a gun. But I scrapped that article because it rang hollow. It wasn’t genuine and it showed. There was something missing, something I don’t like to talk about or admit to because it isn’t fun, practical or often discussed. That thing is Fear . . .

You see, I’m afraid. I’m afraid some day I may need to defend myself or others. I hope that day never comes, but hopes are poor substitutes for guarantees. I’m scared I might not be able to pull out my knife if I need it, and I’m scared of the ramifications if I do. I push through my fear though, because experience has taught me that fighting through fear steals its power. Working through my fear is the only way to permanently deal with it. If I don’t fight my fears, I accept that they rule me, I accept my role as victim to my fears, and as victim to those that would do me harm.

Yes, carrying a knife (and by extension a gun) scares me because of the terrible burden of personal responsibility, but I refuse to let fear dominate me. I refuse to let that fear define my life. I refuse, I Refuse, to allow fear of what might happen one day prevent me from being prepared for each and every day I have left on this earth, and living them all to the fullest. In short, I carry a knife because I take responsibility for myself, I carry because I refuse to be a victim.


  1. Aharon says:

    Dan, thanks for posting. I understand and can relate with your thoughts and feelings about carrying self-defense weapon(s), being forced to use them and dealing with the consequences. I’m thinking now about the GZ/TM shooting and with what GZ has experienced and will continue to experience.

    I think average citiens who go around without the protection of bodyguards, unarmed, and blissfully unafraid are living in denial. “Hopefully” those sheeple will never experience street violence. Hope is the worst self-defense weapon.

    Some day we all will physically die so it is more important how we live. I think the primary issue is that it is more important not to go through life living with Fear. I suspect that many people self-identify as one of the American herd of sheeple and accept that their Fate might include the possibility of becoming a passive unarmed victim of violence.

    1. Dan Zimmerman says:

      This was actually by Fluttershy. Forgot to post the byline when I scheduled the post. Corrected.

  2. the last Marine out says:

    I carry a knife as a tool that is used many times each day, add to that MY CCW carry is also a GUN , A tool also, self-defense as needed and hopeful i never need it, same as my spare tire, that is LIFE , We all die some day , but not willing to be a FOOL , you learn to handle life and any and all that comes your way … The Question we must ask are you ready for the LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE?????????? Jesus said i am the TRUTH,THE WAY, AND THE LIFE . WE CAN live life without fear!

  3. William says:

    I have a CCW permit and it is a great responsibility. This is a great, candid post – well done. I also think about the people that can be saved since you are bearing the responsibility. thanks.

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Knife/Gun Contest Entry: Why I Carry

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