Illinois bill would legalize “switchblades” for CCW license holders.

illIllinois State Senator Tim Bevins has introduced a bill to the legislature which would allow people who have jumped through all of the required hoops for a CCW permit to posses, manufacture, and purchase automatic knives. Duly sworn Law Enforcement Officers will likewise be permitted.

We here at TTAK believe that it is a moral travesty that people anywhere, but especially those of us blessed to be born in a land where our God-given right to bear arms is enshrined in our founding document, should have that right abridged by act of Government. However, as the erosion of said right did not happen overnight, the right’s restoration will likewise occur in fits and starts.


“Given the long-standing prohibitionist environment in Illinois where weapons bans have been the legislature’s solution to every crime problem, Knife Rights believes that this bill is an incremental step in the right direction.”

If you follow the hyperlink above, you will also find the rest of the KnifeRights “News Slice”. Included in this issue is the introduction of a bill in the United States congress which would protect the lawful possession of legally obtained ivory objects including firearms, knives, and musical instruments.

Thanks to Knife Rights jefe Doug Ritter and his crew for all of the work they do to protect and restore Americans’ natural rights.

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