Sharper Future Awards announced

This post has been updated to correct a minor factual error with regards to “Freedom’s Steel”.

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Texan Scott Lewis won the Freedom’s point award for his grassroots work in support of HB 905

I want to start by thanking Doug ans Suzie Ritter of for adding me to the list to attend the Sharper Future Awards Breakfast. In addition to the various awards that were given out to people who have contributed their sweat and treasure to advance the cause of Knife Rights in America, the Keynote speaker was Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. I will cover the speech in a separate post, but read on for this year’s winners.

Leading off was the Freedom’s Edge Award, given to the legislator who has done the most for the cause in the past year. This year, the award went to Texas State Representative John Frullo for his dedication to the passage of HB 905, the Texas Knife Law Preemption bill which has been sent to Governor Abbot for signature.

Next came the Freedom’s Guardian award, which went to Phil Martin of Blue Ridge Knives. This award goes to the industry professional who shows unique dedication to the advancement of knife rights.

The Freedom’s Point Award, given this year to Scott Lewis, is for the individual citizen who has best taken up the mantle and advanced the football of Knife Rights. In the words of KnifeRights jefe Doug Ritter, “Scott is our footsoldier on the ground in Texas”. He served as the grassroots coordinator and point man for guiding the legal and legislative team from KnifeRights when they were conducting the fight.

The Freedom’s Voice Award goes to the media personality who has done the most to help spread the message. I am quite familiar with the work of this year’s winner, John Campbell of the Village Voice for his investigative work on New York City’s draconian knife prohibitions. We have covered this situation thoroughly, and are extremely thankful for John’s work.

Finally, Freedom’s Steel is a quasi-award that goes to the craftsman/men/women who create a special one-of-a-kind item that is donated to the NRA-ILA auction to show’s appreciation for the support that they give to KnifeRights’ legislative efforts, and to raise money for their own. This year there were two items created. The first was a beautifully engraved Damascus Steel pistol, created by Jerry Fisk and Steve Culver. The second item was an amazing Damascus steel dagger by Audra Draper, earning her recognition for “Lady Liberty’s Steel”, the first craftswoman so-honored.

We here at TTAK congratulate and thank the winners for all of their hard work and dedication to preserving and restoring Americans’ rights to bear whatever tool they chose.


  1. Jon M. says:

    Congratulations to all and thank you for all that you do!

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