KnifeRights Video: All Knives Matter

I know that the above video bleeds over the side of the post, but I wanted to post it with the proper time-stamp at the start of Doug’s speech to the Gun Rights Policy Conference. The regular YouTube embed process in WordPress doesn’t allow me to do so. His section runs for about 10 minutes.

The speech highlights some of’s successes and current projects. Doug also talks about the current push to try to stop the US Fish and Wildlife Service Ivory Ban. This egregious overreach by the Executive branch bypasses Congresses role in regulating interstate trade and seeks to effectively render legally-owned ivory worthless. What makes this action worse is that it is based on a purposeful obfuscation of the scholarly work by Dr. Daniel Stiles, a conservationist whose research has led him to firmly believe that laws restricting legal US ivory would do nothing to save elephants.

It is not too late to try to stop the USFWS from rewriting the existing regulations. Public comment is open through the end of the month.


Please Click Here to go to the comment page for the FWS. Be sure to click the box “Comment directly on Proposed Rule”.

You can also contact your Congresscritters and ask that they please co-sponsor the African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Possession Act of 2015 which would protect honest U.S. ivory owners while providing for additional conservation and anti-poaching efforts in Africa. Click for more information.


This proposed regulation is based on three FALSE premises being promoted by the Administration for entirely political purposes:

  • Elephant poaching in Africa is escalating

    • Truth: CITES data shows poaching numbers have been falling since 2011 due to enhanced enforcement of existing law
  • Large amounts of illegal ivory are being imported into the United States that are driving the elephant poaching problems in Africa

    • Truth: both CITES and U.S. data show that illicit ivory imports to the U.S. are insignificant, it is Chinese demand fueling the poaching
  • By punishing Americans, the Chinese consumers who are really fueling the poaching problems will abandon their cultural affinity for ivory

    • Truth: Chinese demand for illicit ivory is independent from U.S. trade in domestic decades-old legal ivory




  1. cmeat says:

    if you hurt an elephant my mom will kick your ass. just sayin’…

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KnifeRights Video: All Knives Matter

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