Knives And Cowboys: Your Correspondent Hearts Wyoming


Wyoming has a whole different culture than California. In addition to the whole guns (and horses, and cowboy hats) thing, there are a whole lot more people that carry Leathermans (Leathermen?) out here. Back in California I was lucky to see an older gentleman with some sort of multitool every few days. (That was in the central valley, though; I suspect If I were more north towards Truckee I might have seen a lot more.)

Leatherman Wingman

Leatherman Wingman

But here in Laramie, all it takes is a trip to Walmart to see about 20% of men 25 and older with some sort of sheathed multitool. I’d probably spot a lot more if I checked, but it’s a little weird checking around other dudes’ waistlines. Either way, I feel like I’m in good company up here. Just yesterday there were 2 guys outside of my open window talking about gun safes, something that you wouldn’t get very often back in Cali. If you’re like me but you live in places like California or New York, you might consider ‘making like a shepherd’ and getting the flock out of there.

EDC for the day. Writing utensils, Maxpedition slim wallet, notepad, ProTech TR-3, LM Wingman, Blistex, and Galaxy S3 phone

This is my EDC for the day: writing utensils, Maxpedition slim wallet, notepad, ProTech TR-3, LM Wingman, Blistex, and Galaxy S3 phone

[Editor’s note: Don’t laugh at the Blistex. I grew up in Colorado, and that thin, dry air made me use more Chapstick in a year than I’ve used in two decades in the rainy Northwest.]


  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    I carry a Maxpedition mini packed with a bunch of stuff…including a leatherman.

    I never thought that this man purse would be as handy as it is. I use it every day.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    Don’t sweat the Blistex. I’m in Florida, where the humidity is diametrically the opposite of that in Colorado, and I still never leave home without a tube.

  3. dwb says:

    really, there are people who do not carry a Multitool? I have several (one for camping, one for hunting, etc.). So many people these days just throw stuff away instead of taking 2 seconds to fix it.

    OT, whats up with TTAG today. I keep getting a “cannot find server” issue. I read there was some sort of attack on the servers for the NYT by the “Syrian Electronic Army”, is it related?

    1. Matt in FL says:

      There was an overnight snafu. The fix is in place, but it will take a while for the corrected info to propagate across the net. It’s back up for a lot folks, and should be fully restored by morning at the latest, probably sooner.

      1. sagebrushracer says:

        thanks for the heads up, was wondering.

  4. daveinwyo says:

    A tip; If your lips are dry (but NOT sunburned) you most likely need to drink more H2O, not sodas or beer. Everyone , mostly, carries a multi-tool here. I prefer the 600 Gerber series with the heavy jaws. I cut a lot of barbed/smooth wire. And the heavy jaws will wrap wire around itself where-as the light jaws won’t.
    PS; the new carbide cutters don’t do well on china wire as its very brittle and will break the carbide cutters if you aren’t careful.

    1. Nathan says:

      I drink a lot of water, iced tea, and Poweraid. I’m carrying the Blistex not because of the wind

  5. Avid Reader says:

    Enjoy it while you’re there. If you’re lucky you can stay.

    I grew up outside of Cheyenne. While I live in Denver now, I still miss living there.

  6. Dad says:

    Dig the post, Boy! Glad you’re “feeling at home” in Wyoming. And I may be learning a bit about knives. Off to (roller) hockey – it’s a CA thing.

  7. Charlie says:

    I have a slim front pocket wallet with a magnetic money clip, and a leatherman micra stuck to it. also carry a kershaw folder, and my phone, and my ruger lc9. Thats the minimum.

  8. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Is that thin black tube on the right a tactical pen or a AAA pen light?
    If you’re required to carry writing utensils, why not have one that’s
    more than a just pen? I bought a Night Armor tactical pen for $70.
    It’s always good to have options. I own an old Leatherman and a SOG.
    Both have been mighty handy, and mightily used. “Quick, does anyone
    have some pliers?” I don’t recall just how many times I’ve heard that.
    Leatherman saves the day, again. If I could only balisong the tool, like…

    1. Nathan says:

      It’s a Streamlight ProTac 2AAA. I thought about carrying a tactical pen and decided against it. I already have 1-3 knives, a Leatherman, and 1-2 lights with strobe on it. Next step in my eyes is CCW, but I’m only 20

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Knives And Cowboys: Your Correspondent Hearts Wyoming

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