Knives, Electronics, And Other Silliness

Image courtesy Spyderco ForumsThis is a pretty fun Photochop which nicely captures the slick Cupertino feel of Apple’s marketing world. All kidding aside, the last ‘feature’ I ever want to see in a knife is anything electronic. Make the jump for more bad knife ideas…

Image courtesy Victorinox

As fond as I am of the Victorinox SAK, I just can’t help but be unimpressed by this combination of a timeless and universally practical knife design with…a proprietary and someday-obsolescent computer dongle.

If it’s like most SAKs, this Signature Slim 4GB will still be shiny and sharp decades after the USB drive follows the PCMCIA card into oblivion. Leaving you with a true oddity: an obsolete Swiss Army Knife.


  1. Duncan Idaho says:

    That’s one step closer to a reciprocating, electro-magnetically contained plasma blade.

    Which, in the future, will likely be manufactured by Apple.

    The iSaber. Start saving, gentlemen.

  2. Sam L. says:

    What? Is this insufficiently amusing to be tagged as Humor? Methinks it be sufficient!

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Okay, you persuaded me. ‘Humor’ it is!

  3. dph says:

    No offense, but more articles on real knives that are decent and affordable to the regular guy and less of the goofy ninja tactical laser beam stuff. Please.

    1. Colby says:

      I know it is a stop-gap measure until y’all get your blade reviews up and running in earnest, but I too get a little disappointed when I come here craving new substantive content but find comments on novelties instead.

      I want to see something serious like a review of the Klingon Daqtagh. Hahah.

      1. Duncan Idaho says:

        Or the Bat’leth.

        Hell, a replica Crysknife from Dune would be pretty cool. White ceramic, or something.

        Someone who knows ceramics should get on that.

  4. Tadalafil says:

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Knives, Electronics, And Other Silliness

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