Kramer Custom Knives: Not For The Faint Of Credit

Image courtesy Kramer Knives

Many nice things can be ordered online. Other nice things, like cars, usually have to be bought in person. Some even nicer things, like fine art, can only be bought at auction. Knives can be bought anywhere along this spectrum, but not Kramer knives.

‘Off the shelf’ Kramer kitchen knives will already cost hundreds of dollars a set, but fully custom Kramers can cost $500 per inch. And there’s no cash-and-carry for these beauties. Oh, and don’t bother to call them, because first you have to sign up at the Kramer website. Kramer is swamped with orders and instead of a ‘first come, first served’ system, Kramer chooses their lucky new customers by lot.

Kramer2Only when that lucky call comes, do you get to personally spec out your completely-custom chef’s knife. Steel, construction, pattern, bolsters, handle, length, handedness; everything is custom on a Kramer custom. And you’d best leave plenty of room on your Amex card, because Kramer doesn’t take Paypal, and this level of edged artwork will set you back as much as $500 per inch. That’s almost E10 per millimeter, for our European readers.

And that is no doubt some serious coin, but as Jeremy Clarkson said “Anything you purchase by the gram is going to me much more fun than anything you purchase by the pound.”


  1. Roger says:

    Paypal isn’t a friend of any armed person or community so it really shouldn’t surprise you. They’re also just plain terrible objectively for other reasons as well. Can’t buy internet porn with Paypal but you [i]can[/i] pay a prostitute using it. They routinely seize the funds of charities and then won’t give a dime back without total proof it isn’t a money laundering scheme.

  2. DrewN says:

    Who buys these? Collectors and rich folks I guess because I’ve been working in kitchens off and on since 1982, from roadhouses to Michelin stars, and I have never seen a working chef use a high end custom knife (perhaps excluding some of the sushi guys). In fact, the vast majority don’t even use your more common “Williams-Sonoma” grade knives like Henckles,Wusthof, or Shun. You are far more likely to see (almost exclusively in fact) Dexter Russell or Victorianox Forstschner stamped stainless knives with Sani-Safe handles. Using something like this at work would be like carrying a Bowen revolver to your job as a bank guard.

  3. GC says:

    This is the knife equivalent of those insanely expensive European shotguns. If you have clients willing to part with that kind of cash for a conversation piece, why not take advantage of it. I’d never spend that kind of money on any knife (not like I have it anyway), but there’s no denying that the handle of that first knife is gorgeous.

    1. Mark says:

      I walked into Kramers seattle shop 25 yrs ago , i bought a sword blank and have never finished it. this sword is short about 30″ double edged narrow and has a slight curvature barely noticable. i can stand on the sword blade and grab the tang and bend the blade well over 60 deg and it snaps back arrow straight. i bought it for 35.00..
      a good deal i think considering his prices now

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Kramer Custom Knives: Not For The Faint Of Credit

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