L.L. Bean edition Opinel No. 8 has 100 year-old reclaimed wood handles

Photo of Moosehead Lake, from whose depths the wood was reclaimed. (Photo credit: Moosehead Historical Society via Gear Junkie)

The classic Opinel knife is renowned both for its elegant simplicity and wonderful affordability. At around $15, I have purchased several to get me over the free shipping threshold on Amazon. This is often like getting the knife of about $5 when all is said and done.

The Number 8 is one of the most popular sizes, big enough for effective use, yet still small enough to carry comfortably in a pocket. I frequently bring mine along when I am EDC’ing a fixed blade as it does not draw level of attention as drawing my Breed from my waistband.

Chris’s review of the No. 8 is also our second most read knife review of all time and worth a look if you have never seen it. In fact, it has been creeping up on #1, my review of the Mora Bushcraft Black, but this post will likely give it a boost into the lead. But I digress.

L.L. Bean is taking pre-orders for a limited edition Opinel No. 8 featuring 100 year-old reclaimed wood, which has been submerged in a Maine lake since the early days of both companies.

From Gear Junkie:

If the idea of a brand new knife with 100-year-old wood in the handle sparks your interest, jump on this Opinel No. 8. At $40, the unique story bumps up the remarkably low Opinel price (the standard No. 8 costs just $15). But it’s still a very affordable blade.

L.L. Bean Opinel Number 8

The No. 8 is a stalwart model that’s proven its worth time and again as a camp knife. The 3.25″ blade is a good size for many tasks, from slicing apples to cleaning small game or whittling a stick around the fire. It’s made of 12c27 Sandvik stainless-steel, which is easily sharpened to a keen edge and has good corrosion resistance.

The blade locks when extended with a rotating safety ring that also locks the knife closed when not in use.

Wood reclaimed from Moosehead Lake in Maine forms the handle. Lumberjacks likely lost the log in the early 20th century. That’s around the same time L.L Bean (1912) and Opinel (1890) were founded.

If holding a “normal” Opinel is holding history (Picasso was known to carry one), than this one takes that experience to the next level.


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L.L. Bean edition Opinel No. 8 has 100 year-old reclaimed wood handles

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