LA Times: Knife Control and Gun Laws



From the LA Times – Knife Control and Gun Rights: Readers Weigh In:

 “The coincidence this week of a mass knife attack in Texas and a compromise in the Senate on expanded background checks for firearms buyers has emboldened pro-gun rights readers.

Their point: Passing a law that in any way restricts the sale of guns to Americans (via background checks, waiting periods or any other “infringement”) won’t stop those dead-set on killing people from reaching for whatever weapon they can find. In other words, the Texas college student accused of wounding 14 people (two of them critically) with a knife would have been able to go on a rampage even with an improved background check system for guns in place.”

To start with, one has to be deranged to go on a knife rampage in the first place.  Thankfully, our wannabe-Wolverine was too deficient to chose a tool more suitable to the task than a scalpel/xacto knife.

One reader opines that this incident will embolden the hoplophobes:

“Now that 14 people have been stabbed in Texas, it’s clear that knives must be strictly controlled. For starters, a limit on blade size must be put into effect. Who really needs a knife with a blade longer than two inches? Background checks should also be put into place and a cutlery registry enacted. Better yet, why not transition to plastic knives that would break if used for anything more strenuous than spreading butter?”

Ironically, hoplophobic laws already in place prevented a law-abiding citizen from using an LCP or other suitable tool to stop this idiot as soon as he started.



  1. Pascal says:

    hoplophobes ban for sake of banning. They a utopia in mind that will never exist.

    Once again, the fact this person was bat shit crazy is lost. We have a mental health issue in this country. If the economy does not get better, stress will inflict others.

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LA Times: Knife Control and Gun Laws

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