Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a contest sponsor…

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Spyderco has agreed to sponsor our Reader Essay contest. They sent stuff.

I hope everyone enjoyed my spork review yesterday. I had the idea many months ago, and couldn’t wait to put it together for April Fools.

I have been alluding to a big announcement in prior posts. I was waiting until all the chicken’s were dotted and t’s were hatched. Today that all occurred in the form of a package from Spyderco. They have sent us a Sharpmaker, as well as two knives (a Tenacious and a new serrated Clipitool) to add to the prize pool for our Reader Essay Contest. Combined with the gear from S.O.B Tactical, and the custom clip from Pop’s, we have assembled a pool of prizes that is well over $300 in value. Thank you to Shrek, John, and Spyderco for helping us make this our best contest ever.

I am particularly thrilled to have Spyderco as a sponsor for our contest. Unlike with SOB and Pops, where I was making a request of people whom I am offering exposure, Spyderco doesn’t exactly need our help. I took a chance and cold emailed Sal Glesser, founder and President of Spyderco. Not only did he take a chunk of time to chat with me on the phone, pass me along to the appropriate person within the company to help with our request, but he also has agreed to give me 15 minutes of his time at the Blade Show for a face to face interview for TTAK. As I said, I am thrilled at all facets of tonight’s announcement.

I have done my part now in pulling together a record package of prizes. Jon Marshall (1, 2), Roger Riga (1, 2), and Gemma Perry (1, 2) have all contributed two posts a piece, but I know that there is a plethora of subjects that can be entered. Knife and Tool Reviews, stories of your first knife, explanation of a knife-related hobby you might have. The possibilities are endless, so send your best work to We have many more prizes than entries at this point, so odds are that you will get to take home some pretty sweet gear and swag. If you have an idea you would like to bounce off me or are working hard on something longer in nature, please drop me a line.

Good luck, and thanks again to our sponsors and participants.



  1. Jim Garrison says:

    How do I enter the essay contest?

    1. cmeat says:

      send it in.

  2. Roger says:

    It’s good to see some corporate sponsorship. Shows TTAK is getting big enough for people to notice.

  3. Jon M. says:

    Good luck to everyone and keep the posts rolling in!!!

    Big thanks to Spyderco, Pop’s, and The Sherrif for their generosity. I’m really excited for the Blade Show interview since I’m such a Spyderco fanboy :p

  4. Jon says:

    what’s the email address where submissions are sent? Thanks!

  5. sagebrushracer says:

    Go get em Clay!

    This blog may be tiny, and the content is very good for the limited authors who post it. I like it.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a contest sponsor…

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