Last Chance: Knife Rights ‘Ultimate Steel’ Mega Gun/Gear Contest

Image Courtesy Knife Rights

When it comes to intelligent legislation and effective lobbying, nobody does it better than Knife Rights. We’ve been covering the continually-evolving (and improving) state of knife laws in the US since the week we launched TTAK, and all of the recent success stories we’ve blogged have been the result of the hard work of Knife Rights.

They’ve helped us, big time, and now it’s our chance to help them back.

Knife Rights wants to finish the fight for sane and sensible knife de-regulation in the U.S., and they need to build their war chest. For a donation of $20, you’ll be entered for a chance to win something (something awesome) in the biggest gun, knife and gear raffle I’ve seen in years. Autographed, customized, true ‘custom’ and one-of-a-kind knives and guns are on the prize table, and there are so many of them I won’t even try to describe them all.

Suffice to say that the only other copy of Uncle Ted’s Wilson Combat 10mm CQB Elite is up for grabs, as well as autographed knives from The Gunny, Glenn Beck, Oliver North and Wayne LaPierre. And much, much more.

Click here for a look at the swag and a link to the entry page. Check it out and consider a donation; these guys are doing incredible work and it’s in all our interests to help them keep it up.


  1. Nanashi says:

    So I can donate to a cause I care about, possibly win cool stuff, and do it all without entering my credit card anywhere? SOLD!

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Last Chance: Knife Rights ‘Ultimate Steel’ Mega Gun/Gear Contest

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