Last chance to enter #BeerDefender Contest

We had a great time with our Twitter #BeerDefender Contest, but it is tapering off. So you have until 23:59.59EST Monday to tweet your entry to @knifetruth. Only Twitter entries are eligible to win the BeerDefender contest, but if you are not a Twitter-er you can submit a limerick or haiku in the comment thread of this post to be entered to win an Empire Outfitters t-shirt, a Utica knife, and a bunch of other swag.

So tell us why do you NEED a BeerDefender?






  1. D in FL says:

    I have a strong belief in the RKBA (right to keep beers available) is my constitutionally protected, and unalienable right. Therefore a BeerDefender would be a just and appropriate tool in this quest!

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Last chance to enter #BeerDefender Contest

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